December 23, 2008

You Need Your Hair Done!

Me and Jo went to alabang this afternoon because at long last he agreed to have his hair cut and it would be a hair makeover! I was so obsessed with cutting his hair short and neat.He wear his hair kinda long and a distracting curly bangs kept on annoying me when I talk to him hehe.So when he finally said "ok I'll do it" I was so excited for him
Here are some of the hairstyle we choose from:
And this one on top is the winner hehe

So we headed to Ystilo Salon I think owned by Vina Morales and we asked if how much is their rate,they said its 150 pesos whish is so affordable and the highlighting is for 900 pesos which we instantly declined haha its too expensive! (We'll just going to buy a bottle of hair coloring at the beauty store and we'll ask Bonita to do the hair coloring kidding!haha)

And so when Jo finally sits at the chair and the hairdresser asked him what style,I immediately rushed in from the waiting area and I said "this style!" and showed him a picture from my celphone that I downloaded at the net last night haha(I did some hairstyle searching ofcourse I dont wanna make my boyfriend's hair look bad) and finally when he stood in front of me after a while and said "what do you think?" I smiled and said "Its perfect honey!!!"Its actually looks good on him and we just ate pizza for a while and headed home.

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