December 25, 2008

Post Break-Up Peace

When me and JL broke up it was a bad time,I mean we didnt separate as friends,there's some misunderstanding in both parties...and after that I erased all means of communications with him haha like his mobile number,his ym,his email ad,and his friendster you name it! When he sent me a quotations twice I finally have the heart to text him back
I said "merry christmas"
He replied "merry christmas too,Im happy for you,I read your blog and you have my regards.."

Its a nice feeling.I mean, no more hard feelings no more hurting.I dont have any grudge against him,for me its all in the past and besides Im happy with Jo right now.Its the right time since its christmas.Peace.We can be friends now.And its funny I even asked him what was the brand of that lube that we used before that I told him I like to buy mine too hahaha.

And he said "its the christmas eve and you are asking me about lube???"


absoluterik said...

Hi man

Your link has been added into my 4 blogs

You can do the same if you want.

If you want tp be part of the Best Gay Bloggers, let me know
Just send to me the best photo and article from yoru blog, and a few lines saying why you decide to write your blog, the story of the title, and if any, raunchy stories about your blog. I will publish it in the next contest

Mac Callister said...

thnks eric i added you on mine too.take care mwah!