December 3, 2008

An Unexpected Call

Last night around 11:30pm I got a call from brian (he was my ex-boyfriend, we were together for 8 months and the closest to my family then) and he was using the globe unli-call, I said, this is so sudden, what made you call? he just said he's just saying hi and how am I?

I said Im good, I asked him about the nursing board exam last november 29-30 and kept on denying that he took the exam, he just told me he will take it up next year but i didnt believed him maybe he dont want me to find out that if ever he failed that I will think less of him as a nurse.

But thats not true of course. So I just ride along with his "I didn't take the exam thing" hehehe. He was in a happy mood and I cant break it to him the news that Im with JL already, because last months I was joking and teasing him about getting us back together that I still like him and all, but it was not that serious, you know. But I think he kept that idea still. Until the call was cut-off and I just sighed...


kmcneal said...

Eeek... trying to start talking to exes is always awkward. haha.


Anonymous said...
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