December 20, 2008

All I Want Is You!

Being in a gay relationship is kinda difficult,I've been there many times,as I have many failed relationship before.But what's the best thing about having to experience a lot heartache and trouble inside a relationship is that you learn from it.You learned some lessons along the way.So what do I really want in a realtionship anyway?What shall I look for?What shall I do or us to make it work and last?I made some list here go take a look :
  • Someone who will text me frequently.Like to tell me he just woke up or about to sleep,or how his day was.Or to ask me what im doing.Its nice to hear that he is thinking of you by just texting you with this simple and small things.That kinda make him a bit thoughtful.
  • Its nice to have a boyfriend who can be dragged to watch your much awaited movie.or to a sale nearby,or to a friend's birthday party and all.
  • I avoid guys who are too sensitive.They usually get mad or get too affected with things that are not regularly have to take too seriously.
  • Someone who gets jealous to some silly things (like hugging your dog!)and not make a big deal ouf of it.
  • Someone who will do small things like putting a friendster account just for the two of you.Or get mad if you didnt changed your single status to in a relationship.
  • Im too hot-tempered.i have to lessen it if i cant avoid it,I should try to be patient.
  • You should have an agreement that you'll try to adjust to each others attitude,this things doesn't go overnight you know.It takes time especially if you got used to this for a long time.
  • I want a guy who constantly asking small info about me.Being him curious about little things makes me think he's really that interested and into me.Like what is my fave color? Kidding!!!haha.
  • Its annoying if his constantly talking about his ex.
  • And if we are a couple we should not let a day passes without talking it over if we have a fight on something.Avoiding the issue or not talking about it make it more difficult and will only make matters worst like if you ignoring each other for a long time.Or if you feel like you're not yet ready to talk to him,just take a walk and relax and or tell him give you more time and space.(like a year perhaps thats enought time to think haha)
  • And my favorite of all,just tell your partner that "breakup" is not an option to this realtionship hehe.No matter what.Its one of my mistakes before.So now Im making it my rule no-to-breakup.Unless I dont love him anymore its an excemption ofcourse!
  • Dont make promisses you cant keep,depending on the reason maybe I'll reconsider hehe.(like if he promise to buy me a car and take it back)
  • Each one should tell any whereabouts,or plans to your partner.i dont like him to tell me about it when he's already doing it!Like going out with friends for a weekend.Duh!Its too inconsiderate.(like if he's having sex with your bestfriend just tell it in advance ok?hehe)
  • I want someone who can easily accept his fault and shortcommings.And apologize for it.(babe,I accidentally shaved your left eyebrow,Im sorry)
  • I want someone who can tell me"baby its wrong!" or "baby you're grabbing it too tight!"haha.I dont want someone who just agrees with me all the time.Having a petty fight is fun once in a while you know!
  • Someone who can sit with me at the couch and hug each other on a cold night while watching a romantic movie.
  • Its nice to be introduced to your friends and families,even as just friends to those closeted bf.
  • Someone who have the time to visit you at home or suprised you when you are at home when you least expect him to be.("O my god this is a suprise meet my wife..")haha
  • I dont like the silent type guys.They just bored me to death!I like my guy to be outspoken,makes me laugh,makes me horny,makes me confident about my self,makes me relax about who i am.
  • I want someone who has ambitions.Someone who thinks of the future.(like what shall i wear tomorow babe?)
  • Someone who dont cheat ofcourse.
  • Someone who is a neat and nice dresser(ayoko ng baduy)
  • Shoes and watch are the first thing i noticed to a guy next to his looks hehe.
  • I stop chatting or visiting a gay sites when im in a relaltionship and hope my partner too.Its one of the cause of some fights and jelousy and it might be tempting to flirt to any gay out there.
  • Someone who can make sacrifices for you.(like if you need a heart transplant!)
And these are all the things I will do and hope my bf will do in the future.It has to be both ways.It takes two to tango,right?

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XanFactor said...

don't you think that is expecting too much...

i have learned that i love him is all i need to know... and that common decency is actually what makes a relationship work...