December 7, 2008

Drew's Balikbayan Show

Last friday after I finished Survivor Philippines I was browsing tv channels and I happend to catch Balikbayan a local show by Drew Arellano at QTV11.His guest was Kiko the one that got voted out from survivor,i got to admit he is one of my bet when he was still there thanks to the evil Marlon!Well,anyway,the episode was so funny I started to like Balikbayan now,and Drew just became so sexy and hot!They have this part where they have to cook one ilocano dish and they were only wearing an apron without a shirt on..and Drew's arms and armpit are so sexy!!!And I believed he knew it thats why he kept on showing it.They were dancing some silly steps and Kiko looks like a jungle boy with his hair,i juts kept on laughing they even dared the chef to strip down his shirt too.
Drew is number 46 to Philippine's sexiest men.He is one of the host of morning show Unang hirit.Balikbayan airs evry friday at 10 pm on QTV11.

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