March 15, 2009

Am I Evil?

This is a re-post.Well i guess many of you haven't read this post before.I wrote this last year when there's only three people reading my blog haha Berna and Sasha and a close friend, one I threatened to kill if he don't read them LOL.I just thought that you might want to see this,its about John.The only ex-bf that I wanted to come back to if given a chance.(till now?maybe..)

I did a lot of awful and shameful things in the past,you know,I did some shoplifting at a bookstore when I was 14,I didn't pay a jeep ride when I was 16,and the driver knew haha he kept on saying"o yung mga di pa bayad jan magbayad na"haha.But nothing can compare to what I did to my ex-boyfriend's boyfriend.I had sex with him to get back at him for not taking me back!Got it?

Lets put it this way,I'll name my ex bf as john,and the other guy is Joshua,before me,John and Joshua are lovers for a year,when they broke up I met John and we became boyfriends for 4 months,but Joshua kept on texting on John,how he still cares for him,but John didn't care at all,he's happy with me.And then we broke up,my fault I admit,but after 2 weeks I realized I cant live without John in my life that I love him still,so I asked him to give me another chance,he refused.I was hurt.This happened about 3-4 years ago.

After 2 weeks maybe,I texted him again,and he said to me, "me and Joshua are back together",I felt my heart was broken into pieces,I felt betrayed,to think Joshua left him for another guy in the past that caused their break up then.He's a two timer I said to him.And here I am showed him good things and loved him so much in our relationship,we fought big time that caused our break up,but I asked for another chance and yet he refused me,I mean I thought I didn't deserved it.

So I thought of a brilliant plan,an evil plan.I want John to regret choosing Joshua over me.And for him to realize that he's not really the faithful type of guy.Good thing I had Joshua's number,I stole it from John secretly because I'm annoyed of him texting my bf.I texted him,pretended I'm looking for a text mate,he didn't know me and had no idea I was John's ex bf.So he fell for my trap,we kept on texting without John knowing it,so I thought he's really not the trustworthy type,I was happy that I'm having my revenge at John.

After a week of texting and chatting,I invited him to meet and he agreed, and we went to Festival mall alabang,along the way riding the van,we were holding hands through out the travel time.I was seducing him.We ate and talk and I asked him if he wants to stay the night with me,he said,why not,so we checked in at Sogo Hotel.And Oh Lord... he's too hot and sexy!He is hairy all over,his chest,his groin,his legs,i cant believe I'm having sex with this guy,my ex-bf's current bf!I took some pictures and videos of us together,kissing torridly and hugging... my proof that we're together,another part of my plan.

This is his actual picture when were inside the motel room.Look at that hairy body...I still remember how it felt like when Im on top of him.Yummy!

Till now I cant forget how his body feels,the muscles,the hairs,he's good in bed,its really great!One of the best I had,maybe because it was a stolen and I had a hidden agenda with it,or that he have what I love about a guy:body hairs!!I don't know!haha.By the way he is a bottom!Anyway I'll skip the details,OK,I don't want my blog to be labeled some adult rated site.We spent the whole night together and he still dont have any idea who I am or what I'm doing till we went home.I knew he had a good time.I was wearing a devil's smile in my lips.Success.

After a week I texted John,I asked him I still want him back that Joshua don't deserve him,I said he's not honest with him and that he cant be trusted,he said

"you only want to destroy our relationship"
" what if I have some proof that he spent a night with me?"I told him
"oh really?don't make me laugh!"

He said I'm just bluffing,then I sent the most daring picture of us kissing and half naked, our picture of Joshua together through MMS

He said "damn you!Get lost!Fuck you!How could you do this to me!!!"

I don't know what to feel then,I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.I kept on telling myself he deserved it.He put it upon himself.He shouldn't have hurt me and choose that looser over me.But I can't feel really happy.I'm hurting too.I hurt him I know and his hurt are crossing through me,I love him so much.

I felt the guilt big time.I'm a bad ass!One consolation I have was,at least I made my point that Joshua cant be trusted.A player.A two-timer.I did him good favor.I wanna laugh at my thought haha.Then Joshua texted me he cursed me and said I'm a loser!He said he and John are over thanks to me.

"if I've known you were his ex I should have killed you!" he said
"haha whatever dude!have a happy life.You're pathetic!"I replied

And i said to myself,mission accomplished...after many years,it was Christmas,I texted John and asked him how is he and he said he's OK and he's with a new bf and that they are on their 8 still hurts like hell till that time.I said could he forgive me?

"yeah I already did but i can't be friends with you,don't text me anymore..."

(*FYI- I already moved on.This was 4 years ago.I just wanted to share you this story.So that you will know what to do next time when your bf ditched you.LOL!Im just kidding ok!hehe)


Herbs D. said...

OMG this is way too much info. *faint* hahah. whoa. this is really just too much for one siting. dapat binabalik-balikan to ng 2 months. chos! haha.

@the bear-OMG so effing hot. you lucky lucky bitch hehehe

im really sorry to what happened in the end. *HUGS* mwah mwah. kaya mo yan teh! fight lang ng fight!

Mac Callister said...

@herbs-haha di mo ba kinaya?you better hold your grip tight!LOL

im ok na now,its been 4 years na,i already got over it.its part of my past na.

:: cb :: said...

whoa. whoa. whoa. *regains composure*


Mac Callister said...

@cb-why?haha relax take a deep breath LOL

Turismoboi said...

ate mac u r more maldita than me

Bleeding Angel said...

mac i hope all the pain and hatred in your heart will vanish in no time... move on and have a great life ahead.. don't ever do that again... it will only add guilt on your part. tnx

P0ytee said...

Wow, what you did was pretty elaborate.

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--hehe ganun ba?naku ikaw pa naman idol ko LOL

@bleeding angel-yeah i already did moved on.i just share this story to you guys nothing more.hehe

@poytee--wow you're at my blog!hehe thanks for being here.

Kenji said...

Hmm... Can't say I agree with your method, but can't say you are in the wrong too! All I can say, hope you have manage to get a hold of your love life and hope the days ahead will be better! Take care ok!?

Mac Callister said...

@kenjie-thanks,im a new man now hehe

gillboard said...

dude, that was just wrong... hehehe

Anonymous said...

LMAO! i agree with herb, too much info... and yes! sneaky sneaky... lol *high five on that... not that i agree with what you did, but good job! (doesn't make you any better though)

have a great week!


did i mention i love your blog? cuz i do... they're very graphic... keep it up! :)

Mac Callister said...

@bleeding angel--i already regret doing,i know,it didnt made me feel good after all

naks may ganun hirit talaga ha!o cge na love na kita LOL.

what do u mean graphic?la naman graph sa blog ko a?kidding!hehe

Mac Callister said...

@gillboard--yes i know ate hehe

rik32miles said... are soooo evil...bruhita ka!
Bunny boiler like Glen Close in 6 1/2 weeks...hahahahha
sana tinotoo mo na lang si balbonic o diva ..parang si Jacob Black..hahaha

The best I read this year was A thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Huseini
but if you like Twilight
I recommend Anne Rice...meron pang homoerotic ek..ek...
happy reading

Mac Callister said...

@rik32--hahaha ayoko kay joshua noh,now pa n nalaman kong madali siya bumigay he will not be a faithful bf im sure.

thanks sa mga referrals hehe but i dont know where to start with anne rice andami n niyang book about vampires!

Gram Math said...

i dont think i can do that. hehehe. there was this one time that i like this guy but i feel that someone in the group likes him too what i did is i get loose of the group and find another set of friends while listening to "tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko"

Elyong said...

Nyayayay!!! Maldita ka.. hehehehe..

markey said...

parang ang sarap ng hairy guy hahahaha

Mac Callister said...

@gram--i cant believe myself either that im capable of being the villain!haha

@elyong--hahaha oo na kontrabida na ko!

@markey--yeah!hairy guys are my favorite! parang si jacob black!haha


I dont know... BUT I'd do exactly the same. LOL!

I'd say you won though. Your plan was to break them up, di ba? And di naman ikaw ang nagpabottom, so di ikaw ang nasaktan.

Unfortunately, emotionally ikaw yung natalo.

Richard the Lionheart said...

Nice Mac... Kakainggit ka! Musta na? Hindi ka nagtetext!

Mac Callister said...

@KJ--apir jasper!haha atleast kampi tayo LOL

@richard--ewan ko sau pag nakaonline ako sa ym di ka naimik tapos asked ka bakit di ako text?anu ka ba hahaha

LaKAs-nG-LoOb said...

you won ...but you hurt not only you but both of them...

bad mac...hehehehe


Anonymous said...

yeah you're evil.

Mac Callister said...

@lakas-hehe i know..

@flamin--tama ka kamag anak kita kasi devil ang apelyido mo e hehehe

Chris said...

oh... hook up... :p

Anonymous said...

Nice one! sweet revenge but bitter ending..

Summer said...

Uy fren.Tama lang na pi-nost u ulit ito..Nag-enjoy ako ng pag-basa..whehehe..Great post..;D

Summer said...

Taray ha!ahihihi

Mac Callister said...

@chris--welcome back here

@anonymous--kaw ba ang friend ko sa ym?hehe tampo ko sau di ka na paramdam :-(

@summer-thanks for being here too,glad u liked it

dabo said...

uhmm speechless ako.

since past history na ito, I say you have the capability to serve a cold blooded revenge.

was it sweet when you were doing it back then? aside from the guilt you have.

just curious..

Mac Callister said...

@dabo--yeah,i had a great time thinking how this will make him mad once he found out about it.

its nice to be the bad guy at one time i guess hehe

REDLAN said...

Lol. What happened afterall, nakakatawa na alng isipin at balikan dahil naka move on ka na. Ganun rin ako. I have an experience like this pero ibang situation naman though I revenge. Masakit pero at the end pinaramdam mo rin ang mas masakit sa kanila. Revenge. Pero I learned something na, di dapat magrevenge na next time siguro dahil natuto na tayo. At hindi na mauulit ang ganung experience. Until now my ex don't know pa rin na ako yung taong sumira sa relationship namin totally dahil inumpisahan niya at yung third party hindi rin alam. ike you, ang paghihiganti sa ex mo is to s*x with the other party.

jules said...

wait nahilo ako sa mga details! diko kinaya weheheh :D


Di ko mapigil ang matawa at mag isip. Habang binabasa ko ito ay tila ba ibinalik ako sa nakaraan.

Totoo bang naihakbang mo na ng tuluyan ang iyong mga paa? Wala na ba talaga ang kirot na iyong naramdaman?

Sa mga panahong hindi pa naghihilom ang mga sugat o sa panahong kumikirot pa ang hapdi ng isang bigong pag ibig ay marami talagang sasagi sa ating isipan. Kadalasan ay gusto nating bumawi at maghiganti.

Dati, habang prinoproseso pa namin ang aming paghihiwalay ay naisipan ko isang gabi na tanggalan ko ng brake ang kanyang kotse. Gusto kong maghiganti. Buti na lang at bigla akong natauhan. sinunog ko na lamang ang kanyang or/cr na nakatago sa sasakyan.

At katulad mo, kung ipapahintulot ng tadhana, siya pa rin ang gusto kong balikan pagkalipas ng halos mahigit 8taon dahil hanggang ngayon ay mahal ko pa rin siya.

IAN [artist] said...

i had fun reading this one...