March 25, 2009


Its always fun to be with an old woman once in a while especially if the woman is a "mali-mali" (i don't know the exact English word for them e hehe) you know when they were very calm doing their own thing and something or someone startled them and they will say a rather naughty-funny-words out of surprised and horror!

Some of them are:

"ay puke!"- translation: "oh,vagina!" which is very common by the way.

"ay uten!" - translation:"oh,penis!","oh,dick" or "oh cock!" which is the opposite of the first one.

"ay kabayo!" - translation:"oh horse!"

"ayyyyyyyy!" - translation:"ahhhhh!"<--parang mali! LOL! usually this belongs to people like us(PLU)!haha.This will be very funny if the guy are playing a discreet gay or a straight guy and you'll hear him scream like a girl. It happened to me once when i was watching a horror movie and it was so scary that I screamed a very loud and quicked"ayyyyyyyyyyyyy!"and half the popcorn was on the floor hahaha!

After that I swear to myself to never watch a horror movie with straight friends again!And i practiced a very manly way to be surprise at home in front of the mirror and mastered the art of suppressed fright!haha.Men na men na!

Here's another one:

"Hindutan!!!" - translation:"lets fuck!" i heard this at an old relative of mine.Made me laugh so hard especially when u least expect it to came from her.She's so religious!we were riding a car and suddenly the driver suddenly stepped on the break and the impact was so strong that we fell out of our seats!!She said those words so loud and so long " hindutannnnnnnnnn!!!!!!"

"hindutan ng kabayo!!!" or "hinindot ng kabayo!!!" or "uten ng kabayo!!"- translation: "horses fucking!" and "fucked by a horse" and "horse's cock!" this sounds so sick! haha really hilarious when they combined the two words! I don't know why the horse are so in demand and so special to them!Maybe they like it big?LOL! (totoy mola bah!) or they could use "hindutan ng ipis" ay panget wag nalang kabayo nalang ulit hehe.

and finally my favorite:

"ay puke ni mac!" translation:"oh mac's vagina!" hehehe! I heard this most of the time from my aunt who washes our clothes! natuwa ba daw!haha di na oy masaya ko sa titi ko LOL! (bastush!)


I wonder why nobody uses "betlog ng kabayo!"? nyahaha korny!


Herbs D. said...

ohmahgawd. this is so true. akala ko lola ko lang gumagamit neto! hahaha

at least sayo puke. naririnig ko dito titi hahaah

Ron Centeno said...

Hahahaha! I like that image u used. I remember my grandmother. Sometimes my cousins would startle her just to hear what she would say.

They are some character!

:: cb :: said...

"I don't know why the horse are so in demand and so special to them!Maybe they like it big?"

haha tawa ako ng tawa!!! bakit nga matatanda ang hilig dito? kung sino pa yung relihyoso? haha

Mac Callister said...

@herbs-haha atleast di lang pala dito samin uso ganun

@ron--when i saw that image it made me laugh its perfect!

@cb--baka gusto talaga nga nila mga MOLA!LOL

Knoxxy said...

Hahaha oo nga napapansin ko yan minsan! Sayang di pwede gulatin lage.

Anonymous said...

you never fail to make me smile macmac.hahaha

kaw lang yata ang kilala kong nagtranslate ng mga yan sa english.kewl.

btw,ang english version ng malimali ay wrongwrong.

Mac Callister said...

@flamindevil--haha oo nga no wrong wrong!tumpak n tumpak yun!LOL

Mon said...

haha..kakatawa nga talaga yung mga matatanda pag nagugulat.. naalala ko yong lola ko, sinasadya ko talagang gulatin, kung ano-ano nasasabi nya..haha, natawa din ako dun sa pag-practice mo ng manly way of reacting when surprised or startled. hehe

jericho said...

kapag may sumigaw ng "ay uten!" ... hanapin mo agad... ;)

Mac Callister said...

@jericho--hanapin agad..kita?LOL

Kenji said...

HAHAHA! Wth!? This is such a funny read! Lift me out of my sour mood! Man... the only two i know is - although the spelling might be wrong - "Ganda nang puet mo" and also "aling a ponge"! My philipino friend taught it to me! xD

Mac Callister said...

@kenji--hehe im glad u are laughing with this as much as i was when writing this hehe

JC.TSU said...

lolz.. funny.. andaming ngang mga kung anu-anung nasasabi pag nagugulat..

meron pa akong kakilala, "ay bakla" naman ang sinasabi.. yan tuloy pag kasama ko sya feeling ko niloloko nya ako.. hehehe.. praning lang eh..


trigger said...

i like this topic, so hilarious...