March 28, 2009

Just My Saturday (part1)

I have my Twilight Saga copy today!Yehey!Finally after struggling for a while to have my own,since its such a hit,they run out of stock in an instant,now i have all four of them.How did i got them?well i visited and registered to their site and I ordered online.I had fun doing it but kinda scary at first,you know,that was my first time shopping online using my credit card.

But there's only one problem,they don't have the book1 (twilight) its frustrating...but i still continue my transaction though,at least i have the other books,maybe i will find the first book in time i thought to myself.After two days,i received the books at my doorstep!I thought it will take a week.It was fast and cheap!Lovely!

Since I'm a pathetic bum of the century,I made it a career to search for the Twilight book today,I went at the Gateway Mall at cubao and I'm decided to look for every bookstore around that area.But thank God when I came in at Fullybooked they have bunch of them!Tons of them at the front!Waaa its like a black castle of Stephenie Meyer!Its like I saw an apparition!Like I saw God!LOL!

I was so happy that i could dance "itik-itik"at the bookstore!hahaha.After having my merienda I went home.Too bad i don't have a date,i had a lot of extra time to kill(anybody?kidding!hehe)


Kenji said...

LOL geez! You're a crazy fan! Haha I'm not THAT hype about it, but it was a good read! Simple and relaxing as compare to other fantasy books! :P

Mac Callister said...

@kenji--i know,i juts cant shake it off!im living in their world my gosh!haha

:: cb :: said...