March 24, 2009

Im Done!

Finally!I've just finished reading the fourth book "Breaking Dawn" from the Twilight Saga of Stephenie Meyer.For a month I've done nothing but to sit in front of my computer and read all books from an ebook download!Imagine how tiring it is and how it made my eyes a bit tired and teary and all!But its worth it.Since I cant find my own hard copy thanks to all bookstore who are so useless for not having lot of stocks!

I'm still hopeful though,that one day I'll find four books and display them at a very nice place on top at my room,you know with candles and flowers with it,you know kinda like my own altar LOL! I kinda like "eclipse" out of all four.It gave me so much time to see the romance and laughters and all the answers about things about them.

Its such a good read,i mean you can easily understand the story instantly.I hope all book will turn into a movie or if not,that they will do a TV series all based on the book and it will be so much fun to see it.Don't you agree with me?With so much good things going on TV now a days i believe this is not a bad idea at all.

I cant wait till its November to see "New Moon".OK enough already,I told myself that i will only write a short entry about this just to let you know that I'm done reading and that Stephenie Meyer is my new "lola" LOL!

Look how pretty she is.Anyway check out her website here.And oh,since I heard about the fifth book entitled "Midnight Sun" i cant stop myself but to search for an ebook copy,and success I found one,I will start reading right about now!And after this I will start Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles all ten ebooks!haha.I wouldn't be suprised if one day I'll bite one's neck and suck his blood!LOL!See yah!


Ron Centeno said...

Good for you Mac! Good luck on you search! May you get what you're looking for soon.

Mac Callister said...

@ron--haha oo sana makita ko na si edward ko LOL

Turismoboi said...

wow wala ka ba ginagawa? congrats!

:: cb :: said...

wow. haha and tiyaga mo. di ko kinaya buoin yung ebook. hanggang new moon lang ata ako.

sa fully booked di nauubusan. yung branch sa rockwell at least. hehe

Knoxxy said...

I like her books also! Read 3 of them so far.

Herbs D. said...

shet. natulugan kita! OHMAHGAWD. promise, andito na! wil send you the files pag nag YM ka na ulet. sowee soweee. and congrats pala!!!!!!


MOn said...

nyaha! baka mangagat ka na nyan ha! hehe..

byw, i'm inviting u to join EARTH HOUR '09. Please visit my site for more info.

Thank you,

niko said...

as i've heard, they're making movies out of all the twilight books. vanessa hudgens is even in the cast of the third. they're in a hurry cuz they're afraid the actors would age fast, and as the myth says, vampires don't age at all.

anyway, have you tried getting reservations for the book? national bookstore don't charge, nor require to pay in advance. they'll just call you whenever your book is available.

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi-yeah im a professional bum!

@cb--kulang kulang sa fully booked.ayoko naman ng iba iba ang book size and cover ko gusto ko yung mukhang encyclopedia sila LOL!

@Knoxxy--yes indeed,its so much fun reading them all

@herbs--hmp ewan ko sau antay ako minessage pa kita nung 3am deadma mo lang ako

@mon--ano naman yan beauty pageant ba yan MON?cgurado akong mananalo nyahahaha!

@niko--hmm sinu si vanessa hudgens dun?

is that allowed sa national bookstore?wow how come they didnt inform me when im asking so much info about the delivery date ng mga books

:: cb :: said...

ahh... kaya pala. hehe sabagay, pandisplay! :D

Kenji said...

I got all 4 copies! But for one reason or another... someone kept destroying my book! The first book's cover was ripped, the 2nd book was stained, and today someone dropped my 3rd book in a puddle of rain water... I was like WTF!? ><

Anyway, I have to agree it's awesome to own all 4 books though! Ohh and btw... Did you know the 5th draft of "Midnight Sun" was illegally distributed? The author was so sad, and couldn't continue writing this book at the moment... sigh!

flamindevil said...

at sino naman ang balak mong kagatin?hmmmm..

btw,i love Alice. she's really H-A-W-T.

nasa Eclipse pa lang ako.hindi ko makuha momentum ng pagbabasa. Is it just me or malandi talaga si bella sa eclipse?hehe

Mac Callister said...

@flamindevil---hehe malay mo ikaw kagatin ko!LOL

hay naku rye 48 years mo ng sinasabi yang di mo makuha momentum tapusin mo na yan at ng mabasa mo na ang breaking dawn!

Chris said...

i am reading a chinese novel recently too... iT's about a tomb ride..

Mac Callister said...

@chris--oh what is the title of that?

M A Y A said...

tnx for droppin' by... buti ka pa tapos na sa saga... kwento mo na lang kaya sa kin, hehe!

ganda ng profile pic mo, inggit ako! ;)

niko said...

vanessa auditioned for new moon but they saw her fit for the role as leah clearwater. and leah is in the third book. so vanessa won't be in twilight until eclipse =)

Mac Callister said...

@niko--oh that would be great!i never thought her at first for the role now it made me excited!hehe

LhanDz said...

wow congrats at natapos mo na din!

ako ung 4 books pati na ung midnight sun (edward's twilight version) tinapos ko lang ng one week! adik dba? kahit nga asa work ako binasa ko yan matapos ko lang kagad. Ü

Mac Callister said...

@lhandz--haha one week?adik nga grabe la ng tayuan at bitawan yun a!haha said...

i've read the three books. and when i'm done with the book 2 of breaking dawn, i've told myself that it's enough.

breaking dawn was the worst for me.

i love new moon though.
i hope the movie will give justice to the book inasmuch as giving me the enthusiasm i got from reading it.