March 15, 2009

Robert and Taylor

I saw this video, well kinda old,this was last November I guess a lot of you have seen this already haha,but its my first time so whatevah and it was so fun seeing both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner together at the Tyra Show,I did have a lot of fun watching this.(kinilig ako!LOL)They are so gorgeous!But I'm a little bothered though,Taylor is so small!How could he be fit for Jacob Black???

Sorry guys I dont have much to share to you since im so busy reading "Eclipse" haha.Maybe next time I have something interesting.Ciao!


Herbs D. said...

OMG. buti naman nasa Eclipsa ka na hehehe. thats a fun read. what chapter are you in na?

Mac Callister said...

@herbs-im at chapter 15 palang hehehehave u finished all books?

Anonymous said...

buti ka pa nagbabasa na ng eclipse.ako hindi pa makuha momentum.meron na rin akong breaking dawn.

btw,ngayon ko lang napanood tong video ni tyra.ang ganda nung girl in pink.thanks for sharing.

Mac Callister said...

@flamindevil--kakatapos ko lang ng eclipse nung isang gabi nasa breaking dawn na ko hehe