March 13, 2009

Inlove With Jacob Black

I'm not a book person in fact the first and only book i bought and read was "The DA Vinci Code" because everyone was talking about how good it was and very controversial at that time so I got curious that led me to finally read a book.Until I saw "Twilight",i was so in love with the movie and I cant wait for the second movie "New Moon" to be shown,imagine it will be release this coming November!I cant wait any longer to know what happened next!

So I looked for a copy at every bookstore but to no avail!All sold out after they were displayed!Waaaaa!I'm too lazy to go to Manila to get a copy.So I settled for the next best thing:an ebook.Thanks to this blogger from ebook-depot,I downloaded all 4 books of Stephenie Meyer for free!hehehe.New Moon was so good!I fell in love with Jacob Black!

Taylor Lautner a.k.a Jacob Black.Look at his yumminess!He's perfect for the role!I hope he's tall enough,because in the book Jacob is so tall and so big and hunky.I cant believe that he's the same guy from that kiddie movie "shark boy and lava girl"

His character in this book was so big,unlike in the first that you hardly notice him.I thought the whole book will focus on them and no Edward at all.I was beginning to forget about him and want Jacob for Bella.His love for Bella was so strong that I thought I'm Bella already while reading LOL! I hope that Taylor Lautner will give Jacob Black's character justice.

My favorite part was when Jacob stopping Bella to go to Italy with Alice to save Edward from committing suicide by the help of this very powerful family of vampires thinking Bella was dead and that Jacob knew Bella might be killed in the process.His tears are building up while stopping her and asking her "don't die" and with so much emotions that he cant control he turned into a werewolf...ohhh I love it!

Now I'm into the third book,"Eclipse" i hope this is as good as the first two.Here's more of Taylor's photos,I cant get enough of him!I will wank later looking at these!LOL


Chris said...

welcome to my blog n thanx 4 ur comments ya.. my turn to visit urs now, ;)

Herbs D. said...

im in love with the Twilight JACOB BLACK not the make-believe-in-real-life JB lol.

and the nose...kaloka haha

Mac Callister said...

@chris -oh thanks for checking my site out

@herbs-yah iknow,thats what i mean i fell inlove with him,sa book character niya hehe and im so excited to see taylor playng it..

Mon said...

i think he's good enough for the role. todo ensayo at workout talaga si Taylor Lautner! malaki pinagbago niya. payatot sya dati ngayon buff na! so I say "thumbs up" for the effort.

:: cb :: said...

i kept laughing at people who liked twilight but secretly i was reading the ebook. haha

btw, thanks for the link. it's uber useful.

Ron Centeno said...

Hey there Mac, just dropping by to say hello!

Have a great weekend!

Mac Callister said...

@cb- haha bakit naman kelangn secret pa?nababaduyan ka noh?LOL its alright to be baduy at times hehe

@ron -you too take care

rik32miles said...

nauna ko sa yo kay jacob ha!
kakainis kay edward ka na lang..hahahah..
sabi ko nga ba aahasin mo ko!
eclipse was so so!!the fourth book was riveting.
I like the jacob black in my imagination.hehehe

flamindevil said...

the role of jacob Black was supposed to be played by a Fil Am actor in New Moon but it did not push through.sayang.

nasa Eclipse na rin ako pero hindi ko pa makuha ang momentum sa pagbabasa.

btw, nasa new moon daw si dakota fanning. she'll play the role of jane, one of the volturis.ewan kung totoo.

Mac Callister said...

@ris32miles--hoy hoy anung kay edward nalang ako I like to have them both! bwahahaha(evil laugh)

@rye -a talaga sinung actor?
si jane siya dun?thats a small role a

MC said...

Inpernesz ang gwapo niya :x

Ande "ahnday" said...

I love the series, but the movie productions are not the same. Hopefully it will be different this time since Chris is directing it. Jacob Black is hottness, go to my page and I have a video of him...(an interesting one). lol

LaKAs-nG-LoOb said...

its not baduy naman ahh...actually twilight is one of my favorite movie now....fantasy and love story imagined?..hehe

JC.TSU said...

waah!! I love Jacob Black..!! Simula nung iwan ni Edward si Bella sa book, Super duper boto na ko kay Jacob for Bella.. Kung ayaw ni Bella kay Jacob, edi akin na lang sya.. hehehe bleh!!

Seriously, mas bet ko na talaga si Jacob kesa kay Edward, lalo na't ang cute din nung gumanap na Jacob Black sa movie (i.e. Taylor Lautner)

Herbs D. said...

@flameindevil-sabi ko na nga ba! DAKOTA FANNING si jane.

Herbs D. said...

@flameindevil-sabi ko na nga ba. tama hinala ko. si Dakota F si Jane! weee

seriously though, if we really look at the movie compared to the book. WALANG WALA ANG MOVIE. good thing they changed the director na :)

Mac Callister said...

@herbs - and i hope the special effects will be fantastic!you know the werewolf thing and on hehe.

and I hope they could show us the love thats meant to be there.

Mac Callister said...

Thanks guys for being here for all the comments/