March 7, 2009

Three Poll Questions

This is the result of my two months poll question at my sidebar.I have been putting up these poll to see what people reading my blog thinks about.Here lets see

Poll question number one:
Where did you met your partner/bf?

*at the chatroom-32 votes
*at a bar-5 votes
*saw him somewhere and introduced my self-10 votes
*he was my friend-10 votes
*at a public comfort room-3 votes

total votes -60

Reaction - at least I'm not alone.Most of my dates and some relationships are from chat rooms too.They say that there's no good finding someone in the cyber space but I disagree there are some nice guy out there and are like me looking for special relationship.And of course there are some assholes too.hehe

And i think Filipinos are not that used to the idea of following a guy he saw somewhere and introduced himself and hooking up.Maybe we are still shy.Me either I cant do it!haha.Maybe those so sure of themselves and those good looking guys can do this.

Poll question number two:
Did you ever cheated with your partner and remained a secret?
*Yes! - 33 votes
*No! - 16 votes
*I told him about it and left me -2 votes
*I told him about it and forgive me -5 votes

total votes -56

Reaction - This is a surprised result for me!hahaI cant believed it!Most of them are unfaithful.How could they look their partners in the eyes knowing they fuck or hook up with someone!I mean is this normal to gay men to be unfaithful?is it expected because we are naturally a man?

I believe in karma.That if you cheat most probably you'll get cheated too.So goodluck with that!

Poll question number three:
Please choose I'm gay and I'm...
*Out -29 votes
*Still in the closet -31 votes
*Confused -11 votes

total votes -71

Reaction - A close one hehe.I see this coming.I know there are a lot more in the closet, they just didn't bother to vote.There are lot of factors to consider going out.Family,friends,and work.It will only complicate things for them,that's why they cant come out.Those that are already out should feel lucky that they passed that phase in their life and lets us try to understand them.Its hard for them already and lets not add to their burdens by judging them.

Everyone has their reasons and beliefs.Walang pakialaman!LOL
I'm not totally out too.But my family already knew.We don't talk about it.But i know they knew.A few close friends too.Its just that I don't feel the need to shout it out to the world.If they ask me,I'll say yeah I'm not straight.If they don't,I just let it be,until they ask hehe.

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