May 5, 2009

A Family Show: Swimming

Yesterday was our family reunion,through swimming. It was my mom's idea.Wanted to see everyone.Not sure at first to come, cause, I find it really corny! I dont have that sense of family, you know!Kidding!hehe

John Lloyd Cruz--filipino actor

Here are the series of events for that day:
  • I was pleased with my get-up.Wearing my new shorts and slippers with my John-LLoyd-Cruz-shades with matching fabulous travelling black bag. I felt really cute...really cute LOL!Then my sister called the tricycle!Yikes!
  • I saw my former college classmate and friend Makki. We used to cheat together during exams! One time we're too lazy to study all 3 subjects for the exams, we decided to split it into the three of us, I will study sociology, Bob will do political-science and Makki will do Psychology and then, during the exam at socio i will distribute to them the answer by whichever way possible, so that all of us can pass each subject with less subject to study, then Bob will do the same for pol-sci, but when it was time for Psyche, Makki was picked up by the professor to move at the front seat leaving me and Bob at the far back of the classroom!LOL It was so unfair!
  • Got pissed, we did a headcount last time, a total of 21 relatives on our list, now when our driver fetched them up with our jeep (yeah my jeep kami la kami car, jeep lang na pampasada haha. My mom wanted me to study driving with it!Yuck kaya!), their number increased to 40! WTF! My dad had to look for an extra vehicle for them!(good thing they found a kalesa nearby LOL!)Turned out that my cousin-in-law invited her friends (outsiders) and didn't felt shame knowing that the food and entrance fee will be shouldered by my mom, since this corny event was her idea!LOL And besides doesn't she know the meaning of "family reunion?"
  • I was bored at the first two hours of being at that resort,I'm not really close to my relatives, to some yes.Its awkward.But I tried to blend in with the others later on.
  • I enjoyed the water thanks to my salbabida (life preserver) it was my companion the whole day!LOL
  • I noticed my cousin Tabs is so freakin' hot when he took off his shirt !Is it bad to lust on your first cousin?even if you cant help it if he's too damn sexy?!that muscles! that hair on his navel!that bulge on his wet shorts! dear God! Well, he made my day hehe and the three lifeguards too!I kept looking at them secretly at the corner of my eyes!Yeah!!!
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Turismoboi said...

i hate reunions

rik32miles said...

Let me copy your.....YIKES!!!
lusting after your cousin??WTF??o diva?
your'e so fokfok talagah! hahahahhasend me his picts. na lang I'm not his cousin hahahhahaha

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--sinabi mo pa!hayyy

@rik32miles--haha pipigilan ko na nga!


And how much did your dear mum pay for that reunion?

40 (+?) people?????

RE: lifeguards... So hanggang tingin ka na lang ba?


MC said...

Uy bad yan,leave the 1st cousin alone and give it to me. lol Para sakin masaya ang family reunion pero ayoko ng may kasamang feeling relatives.

Ano pasalubong sa'yo ni mudrax?

REDLAN said...

haha. i wondered at first kung ano yung relevance ng photo ni john lloyd sa post na 'to. hehehe

psst, i also have pagnanasa with my distant kin. hindi yan maiiwasan kaya. kasi may feelings o emotion tayo. at least nag enjoy ka sa family reunion with outsiders. lol

StarFish said...

lol, you've been blogging non stop... and what is up with you!?!? he's your cousin! so you freaking horny all the time! haha...
i love reunions!

have a great week!


Mac Callister said...

@KJ--haha a little too much!well its my mom's money anyway!LOL

@MC--sinabi mo pa atribida yun asawa ng pinsan ko hay naku to think n mag imbita siya ng iba!imbyerna!

well ipinagshopping ako ni mader lily!LOL

@redlan--haha feeling john lloyd ako sa trademark shades nya e LOL

@starfish--waaa i cant stop blogging my finger are like having their own mind cant stop them fr typing haha

aba di ko kasalanan if hot siya no!LOL

Luis Batchoy said...

i have no sense of family either

Mac Callister said...

@luis--hehe yeah we're the same!LOL