May 13, 2009

All The Single Gay Guys...Put your Hands Up!

Do you believe the guy you are with now will be your partner till the end?

Or you knew you will be single from now on?

Why is it so hard to find a gay partner in this life? haha

That is the question I asked most of the time.I'm not that desperate to have one at this point, but think about it, its really hard!

Maybe a hook up was easy but someone who will love you.Nah!

I've been with a few serious relationships before,but still, we end up separated or hating each other. I don't wanna put here how many, but enough for me to look back and smile for some memories when I'm alone and feeling nostalgic hehe.

I even save some photos and videos of them on one special memory card and just insert it on my phone or computer when I feel like watching them, some videos are wholesome some are naughty! Like us kissing or goofing around the motel room and more haha. So if I misplace or lost that memory card it will be a complete scandal!

They said you don't go looking for love, it will find you.Just wait. But is this true? What if I turned 50 and gray and still waiting???LOL

Pao and Randall are so vocal on how they felt about me, but why cant I just like them too the way they like me?

Its ironic don't you think? You like someone and yet he don't like you, and there's some guys who likes you but you don't like them!Waaaaaa!

Being gay in this world is so complicated!

There's a lot of single gays out there and yet we still cant find the right one.

Maybe more singles than in a relationships.But why?

Maybe we're too choosy?

We set our standards so high that nobody qualifies?

Physical looks matters first before we get to know whats inside?

But I've seen some gay couple where the other one is cute and the other belongs to the average level.Some might think they are not a great match. I just thought to myself, maybe the average-looking guy is really special that the cute guy never minds whats on the outside of his partner.

I'm just thinking, now that I'm here in the Philippines were there are too many Filipino gays and still cant find the right guy what more if I'm in Qatar!!!!I might be single there for three years or more!

Well if that will be the case, I'll just focus on work and not think about it, maybe through that who knows there's someone might bumped into me unexpectedly and will be my love.

could be...

A patient of mine...

A doctor from my hospital...

Or a co-employee....

Or ambisyosa lang ako!LOL


:: cb :: said...

it's not that you're choosy. i think like most people you just know what you want. what's wrong with that?

Tizzz said...

Yeah, it's so true what u said there. I often questioned myself,
why is it so hard to find "The Right One" ? Is it my fate being alone till I'm old. The thought is really scaring me. Euww... Don't wanna spend the rest of my life alone.

"some videos are wholesome some are naughty! Like us kissing or goofing around the motel room and more" ---> Tizi wanna see

I wanna see
I wanna see.
Please... "Puppy dog eyes pleading"


Mac Callister said...

@cb--hey thanks for the comment

@tizz--haha its my private collection for my eyes only LOL!

Turismoboi said...

uu ambizyoza ka lang

Knoxxy said...

Life would be boring if it was not complicated and hard. wont have it any other way. =)

<*period*> said...

agree po ako sa unang nagcomment..bunso, hindi ka choosy..we live in a sociey na walang pang unawa sa ating karapatang maging malaya at maligaya

wag ka po magalala, darating din siya

right time, right place and situation

Anonymous said...

its a matter of choice... or preference... (pertains to individual approach)

maybe its a matter of culture too... how pinoy society accept homosexual relationship.

theres a lot of factor to consider...

i'm happy with my partner now... i've waited like... forever! just kidding.

relationships are really a case to case basis.

cheers to everyone!

Anonymous said...

friendship, i just thought you need to read this. im sure this will be a great help.

goodluck on your partner-hunting. hehehe. mwah!


hmmmm... anyway, I hope you'll still continue publishing new posts even you've moved country.

varrylicious said...

Sabi nila, Wag daw hanapin si Mr. Right, Kusa daw dadating. Hintayin lang. "Eh kung ganon pala lahat nasa isip natin.. lahat maghihintay nalang, Wala nang maghahanap!dba?! kalokohan LOL.. nakakaloka na!!! Yoko tumanda magisa!!

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--haha oo nah!

@knoxxy--nah im too lazy i want it easy LOL

@period--haha ang hirap naman kopyahin ng name mo! sana nga dumating na din

@anonymous--wow good for you!i envy you hehe

@stainedheart--oo cge titignan ko nga yan!

@KJ-- well i hope so,that blogger will will be allowed there.

@varrylicious--oo nga tama ka!dapat may maghahanap at mag iintay pa din LOL

REDLAN said...

Natawa ako dun sa ambisyosa lang ako na linya. Hmmmmm nadanan ko na yan. ayoko ng bumalik unless meron pa pero I consider special friendship na lang. Based kasi sa experience ko, nagtagal ng two years your relatinship ko dun sa special friend or let's say friends with benefit or ff. friends forever yan ha. lol. 2 years yun pero nag end siya, umabot sa puntong nagsawa ako at natigil yung communication. Communication talaga ang main ingredient sa relationship eh. Kahit palagi akyong nagkikita, palaging nagkakasama, kahit body communication kelangan talaga. dito lang ako makapag share ng ganito. lol. In fact, i find your blog entertaining, medyo eke ek pero may moral lessons akong makukuha pag-alis ko dito at it makes me smile to cum este come back. Keep it up! Aja. Nood muna ako ng boys over flower. <------baduy.

Naalala ko, tinanong ako ng long lost online friend ko from Merida, what's my current feelings daw? As of now sabi ko, hindi ako nakaramdam ng emptiness dahil I am busy all day. Pero kapag maalala ko yung memories, natatawa na lang ako. Kaya nakarelate ako sa post na 'to. ciao.

Mac Callister said...

@redlan--wow naman touched naman ako sa magandang comment at nag share ka pa wag ka magsawa pagbalik balik dito hehe

janz said...

lahat ng post mo nakakakilig and napupulutan ko ng aral! keep inspiring people like me!
Kahit mag abroad ka post ka parin ng mga latest guys mo ha!
take care mac!
Good luck sa endeavors mo!

livingstain said...

ngayon ko lang nalaman ung pakiramdam kapag ayaw mo sa isang taong nanliligaw sayo kahit ano pang mangyari hindi talaga pwedi.

MC musta na!

Solo said...

I think i'll go on the last one,ambisyosa ka lang..wuhahahaha..
Don't worry makakahanap ka rin ng para sayo.hehehe..Bago ka man lang tumanda sa Earth.hehehe

Mac Callister said...

@janz--wow thats a great compliment!natuwa naman ako promise!may napupulot palang aral sa blog ko hehe kala ko puro kabalastugan at ka-el-yohan lang e !LOL

@livingstain--now lang talaga?ok naman ako may nagpapasaya sakin lately LOL

@solo--wag naman sana menopause na ko no?LOL

marvin said...

hayzzzz! the same set of questions i had few years ago.

you know what i realized? that in life, you do not really get to own nor forever hold on to anything or anyone. lahat, dadaan lang sa buhay natin. kaya wag natin idepende ang happiness natin sa ibang bagay o tao. find it within you. only then will you be happy with whatever (or whoever ) will pass by your life.

Mac Callister said...

@marvin--kaya nga ang ednign natin alone pa din,wala talaga tayo makakasama sa pagtanda na partner,lahat may makilala man or may maging partner man tayo laht panandalian lang(?)

so sad...

bluedreamer27 said...

nice point of view
just dropping by here again have a great day and happy blogging

Mac Callister said...


pikey said...

*putting my hands up* lolx

it's true of what u r writing here... so now, i rather seek a better friendship than a relationship...

Mac Callister said...