May 5, 2009

Phased Out

I am not a havaianas addict,you know collecting every thing. Its impractical. I have a pair which I bought around two years ago,(and still in good shape by the way) you know, everyone has it so I bought for the sake of having one LOL! Then I saw a guy wearing this pair last week and I instantly like its simplicity! There's something elegant about it, that little bling-bling haha. I cant stop thinking about it, wanting them so badly!I don't go to much well-designed havaianas, they tend to fade away.

a closer look.the logo is made of silver metal.

I did some online and mall outlet research and found out it was released last year huhu.A limited edition.Why didn't I saw that style earlier!phased out, according to the staff. Not releasing them anymore!This was the result of being such a laid back ass like me, not checking whats hot on the world of "feet" LOL. An online store still have them, but I'm kinda hesitant. Do you know a trusted Filipino website selling genuine havaianas?

So out of rebellion i bought these two pairs instead LOL!

This one glows in the dark.Now I can use them as alternative when i don't have a flashlight LOL

I originally like the black one, but they don't have my size!


Rhodilee said...

There are authentic hav sellers sa ebay. Nung wala pang flip flops store dito sa amin, online ako bumibili. Pero ang alam ko talaga mahirap hanapin itong limited edition na ito.

Mac Callister said...

oo nga e i checked some,hayyy.hey thanks!

Anonymous said...



REDLAN said...

convincing naman for me to buy a pair of havaianas. mahal kasi baka di ko masulit suotin bago nakawin. i had two pairs of flip flops kasi na ninakaw na. Inisip ko na lang lumakad sila. Meron akong slippers na more than 3 years na. tag 120 lang. hehehe

Mac Callister said...

@redlan--hahaha bakit naman nanakaw!naku,nuing nagswimming nga kami nagpalit ako ng mumurahin na slippers from my havaianas kasi baka manakaw habang naglalangay ako haha

@MC--haha di naman!mas sosyal ka kaya!!!

Jonathan said...

I love flip-flops!

Mac Callister said...

@jonathan--me too i love them on my feet!hehe