May 22, 2009

A Birthday-Date

My special day finally came, my birthday, and I have a date. I felt excited about it, its been a while since I dated someone. And besides, I had a great time chatting with him for the last 6 days, every night, from 8pm to 5am in the morning.We talked about anything. Its really great!

The venue:Megamall.Since we both have to travel 2hours to go there.That mall is fair enough for both of us.

The time:1:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

I texted him while at the road "what are you wearing?" and he replied " haha I'm wearin' black shirt...a mini skirt and doll shoes, for sure, you'll love it. its cute!" and I was laughing my butt off after reading it!

Unfortunately, I arrived there at 1:30pm (traffic) and he was already there around 12:30pm (he said he's not too excited LOL) But when I was heading to the lobby I opened my phone but it had no signal at all!I tried everything, from turning it off and on, switching connection from automatic to manual. But still no effect. How could I tell him that I'm here?grrrr I thought to myself..I later found out that there was an outage of signals to most Globe subscriber at that time.

I went at the phone booth but there was a long line! I have to hurry up to contact him its already 1:50pm he might go home and cursed me till eternity!haha. I found a lady, she seemed nice. I approached her and said "miss I know its embarrassing, but please can I borrow your cellphone?I lost my signal and I need to contact someone immediately I'll pay how much it will cost you..." and she said "no I don't have any credits to my phone now". Bitch!I whispered to myself.

I went at the guard and he said they are not allowed to have a cellphone while at work.Last attempt,I approached a woman in her 50's with her husband I think, it will be safe right?I mean she had someone with her she would feel safe if ever she's thinking I'm those kind of people whose modus operandi is to borrow cellphone and do their bad intentions the minute they trust them.

But she still said "no ,try someone else" and I felt bad! No one wanted to help someone like me on a bad situation!Waaaa!But I cant blame them, but I looked down to myself, I'm wearing my new and fabulos clothes LOL !Its not even cheap!hahaha. I checked the time, its 2:15 pm!I run to the phone booth and fell in line and prayed that he's still here inside the mall.

I finally able to contact him after 4 attempts and explained what had happened!I'm glad he's still there,I mean, he's waiting for me for less than 2 hours and he stayed!!!!I really thanked God for his patience! There I was waiting for him near the elevator and Jollibee (FYI: di kami dun kakain no!) then I saw someone familiar looking directly at me with a suppressed smile...

Gosh he's cute...I love that smile.I just don't like that bead necklace with a cross he's wearing !its too big LOL. He will kill me once he read this haha.He gave me a gift by the way!Now he's thoughtful too!Another 10 points to think he didn't need to buy me gift in the first place haha(I've searched the net and found it cost! not bad for a first date gift eh.Bad no? sinearch pa talaga!haha)

"Hmp your late!I've been waiting for the longest time!I even text your sister!"

"What?Why did you do that???!" I remember that I used my sister's cell when I lose credit on my own cell to reply to him last time.

"Because I cant reached you.Your phone is off when I tried to call you haha"

"What did you tell her?"

"I said:Is mac there?I cant reach him now and she said:no he is not here,he already left hours ago,you should contact him not me."

And I was laughing when he finished haha "don't text her again, she might have a bad impression on you that you are "feeling-close" already.

WhenI told my annoying sister that I have a date and guess what she told me after "do I know that guy?I should meet those guys you are dating, for all you know they might be a serial killer or thieves you have no idea!" and I was like rolling my eyeballs up to the back of my head listening to her!

We headed at Pizza hut (dun lang kasya budget ko e haha) too glad there wasn't many diners at that time. He sat beside me not on the chair across to me.Hmmm, good.Because if he didn't sat beside me it will be a disappointment! In fact we sat too close. We talked about anything, I love his company.I enjoyed every minute of it. We laughed a lot.I can certainly say there was chemistry and those what they called sparks hehe.

We enjoyed the food too. After a while I noticed other tables around us are occupied with partners.I can say that they are couples, so sweet with one another and guess what...they are all sitting next to each other! Just like us!I whispered to Tom (lets call him that for the meantime hehe) "maybe they are already thinking were lovers too!" and he said "kever!" and we laughed!

After an hour,we headed to the cinemas to watch Angels and Demons. Not that good though,I felt like watching a CSI episode with a Vatican twist! I like The Da Vinci Code better. Anyway,too many people inside I'm worried that I wont be able to take advantage of the darkness LOL!!! I've been wanting to kiss his lovely lips from the resto wondering how they felt like with my lips on it!
I can see that his hands are far from mine that's resting on his armchair haha "how come they aren't close, darn!" I waited for a while until I found the chance.My left hand, gently grabbed his hands (not his c*ck,OK?!) and hold them firmly...I squeezed it and he squeezed them back...I thought he wouldn't like it,I'm wrong he's just waiting for me to make a move..(pa-girl?LOL)

But I needed to be sure haha.I loosened my hold on his hand a little and waited what he will do. He hold my hand back.Tighter.I smiled.Then I moved closer to him and be happy watching the rest of the movie.This time I knew I can't kiss him.Too many people behind and beside us.It will be scandalous! ka-imbyerna!

"I'm glad its going home time hayyy" me waiting for his reaction

"hmmm,were going home yet?So when will I see you again after 3 years?hehe"he said

I pretended I didn't catch it.I wanna read between the lines to be sure if he likes me.I'm certain that I like him.I just need confirmation that he does too.

I sensed that he didn't want to go home yet. So we strolled a little. I want to be with him too. In fact I want to take him home LOL! I walked him at the bus terminal and said goodbye and held his hands while waiting for the right bus.Gosh I wanted to give him a goodbye kiss!haha

"Thanks Mac! I really enjoyed the day. Hope you enjoyed it too... its your birthday and you spent it with me" a text from him when I'm on my way going home to Laguna and he's from Novaliches by the way.

" You can rest now.I know you have work tomorrow" i texted him when he reached their house

"I'll wait for you to get home first"

Three days after the date,we still chat and yeah we talked about having a relationship,but it just wont work, long distance relationship sucks! We're better off as friends. And the sparks and excitement just faded and died.Too bad hehe.Now, on to the next guy LOL!


Turismoboi said...

at leazt may babalikan za pinaz


hi mc, napanood mo na ba ung DANTE'S COVE?

Mac Callister said...

@turismobi--haha malay natin,Malaysia!LOL

@livignstain-di pa,i heard about it,too lazy to check it out lang hehe

marvin said...

nice! ganun pala yun. noong last date ko, tinabihan ako sa resto tapos sabi ko sit sya across me, not besides me...lumipat sya na nakasimangot. sign pala yun? dang!

Tizzz said...

Ahhh... it's so cute.
I love ur story.

I'm Laughing so hard.

"I wont be able to take advantage of the darkness LOL!!! I've been wanting to kiss his lovely lips from the resto wondering how they felt like with my lips on it!" ------> u're so naughty. LOL.

What is "kever" ?

I'm glad u happy.

blurosebluguy said...

happines! the 4th wish!

Mac Callister said...

@marvin---haha naku matuwa ka pag sa tabi mo naupo un ka date mo!now u know hehe.

@tizzz--thanks natawa ka hehe.kever means parang "paki" or i dont care ata hehehe

Chris said...

Long time didn;t comment here. How r u? Doing good?

Mac Callister said...

@chris--hey!its been a while huh!im doing good thanks for asking!welcome back hehe

Chris said...

U welcome..
N happy birthday 2 u too.. hehe..

Pao Pielago said...

Happy Birthday!

kinilig ako sa story mo. im looking forward to more. :)

apol cano said...

Can't wait what will happen next to you guys =)

Mac Callister said...

@pao--ako din kinikilig e hehe,salamat sa bati.

@apol--haha.thanks for being here.

utoysaves said...

something's there, Mac. you can sense it, naman diba. aba, two hours of waiting already tells alot about him. now be bold and pursue.ü

God bless you and thanks for dropping by my blog.

dencios said...

dumalaw at nagparamdam. nagbasa at ang koment ko lang, take things one at a time. wag masyado magpadala sa pakiramdam para di malalim pag nasaktan



It's a start of something "ahem".. see, you wished to have a partner this season, i hope that would be him!

Mac Callister said...

@utoysaves--you think so?hehe well,lets wait and see..

@dencios--naks nice one LOL

@KJ--haha maybe,maybe not!thanks KJ!

cb :: 林偉文 said...

aww that's so nice! :D

enJAYneer said...

hey there mac! thanks for the visit!! :D

<*period*>; said...

hapi bertdey p[o..btw, congrats po, week number nine winner ka sa RBP..galing galing

dante's cove? oh no, nawindang ang virgin eyes ko sa sex dun...yung girl na susulpot sa season two nun, si thea gill, ay yung lesbo na nagkaroon ng anak kay brian kinney (gale harold) sa queer as folk

Piggy Boy said...

MAC happy BOTday...hehehe

You'll find the right one soon...


LaKAs-nG-LoOb said...


kakakilig naman nun..nkakatwa dn..

bat yaw mo ng long distance relationship eh pede namang magkita lage kau ahhh..^^ [makialam ba?..hehehe]

Summer said...

First i want to greet you a "Sobrang Cheezzzzyyy Birthday tlga..."hehehe
And that story of yours was so cute.I thought magiging ok ang relationship nyo..Di moh kinaya ung layo nyo??? Bu anyway,yun ang sinasabi nating.Try again,better luck next time..nyhahaha..=)

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Solo said...

Aw,so sweet story.Hope to see more from you,have a great day.;D

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Mac Callister said...

salamat sa mga humabol mag greet!

markey said...

hello po..... belated happy birthday po sayo...

rik32miles said...

Kaka inlove naman..aaaaahhhh!
I feel mushy inside..I miss having that kind of love hahahaha

Mac Callister said...

@rik--haha asus ikaw nga e araw araw inlove jan e!