May 11, 2009


Today at 11:10 am I was already at Pasay city and looking at the venue of my Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS), it is a requirement for all overseas Filipino worker (OFW) before going to another country to work. It will give you an idea on how it is living on another country, about their rules, laws ,whats not to do and what to do when you reached your destination first time, a pretty helpful thing, I totally agree with the purpose of this seminar.

(requirements for PDOS: referral slip from your agency, ball pen, and a 100 pesos)

I was perspiring all over when I got there, my god, the sun was so angry that he gave all of his UV rays today!LOL. Good thing that the place was air conditioned! There wasn't much eye candies at the seminar, most of my participants are older and are seaman's, electricians, DH's and IT's. I tried to be friendly talking a little to some seated near me and they didn't know what an RT again when they asked me what will be my work at the middle east. Well, whats new anyway!!!

(What the hell is an RT?Read here)

It lasted 5 and a half hours!I almost fell asleep haha.My god, seminars are very good sleeping venue!I paid 100 pesos for the PDOS certificate, then another 100 pesos at that OFW family club thing, that it is for our ID that this guy was telling about, that if we have their ID, they will help any OFW who are in trouble overseas (But what are the Philippine Embassy's for????!I wanted to asked him haha)

In my mind I thought, a little too expensive for just a laminated I.D, there were like 40 people in that room and they could have 4,000 pesos in just minutes wow!!!!20 pesos will be fine, right?! Well, they are NGO's so I just convinced myself that they need funding.But what I don't like about it was, they could have give us an option whether we would like to join the club or not.Not compulsory.

I like the first speaker though from metro bank,(cutie) he told us about their banking system wherein we could send our remittances to our families.Then I got back to myself again when the next speaker talked about sex and AIDS. I already knew what he was talking about, how we could get aids, how to avoid it etc etc.

I'm just bothered by the Tagalog translation haha, you see, when an English word was translated to Tagalog, it gave a very rude, indecent and funny feel to it!Like vaginal secretions--hima, semen--tam*d, and mind you, he said those words so many times that I already got an erection!LOL

sabay sabay tayo: tam*d...tam*d...tamod..ay di ko naalis ang "O" sa last one!!!

Anyway for the sake of sharing information about AIDS I will give you this lists:
  • Aids cannot be transferred through kissing or their saliva.
  • It cannot be transferred through hugging,cuddling.
  • You cant get it through nasal secretions, tears, sweats, urine of a person with HIV/AIDS
  • Even oral sex are low probability.But I think if you blow someone with HIV and he pre-ejaculated or cum on your mouth that's when the time its scary. So guys be careful with anything you put in your mouth haha.You never know who has it, they looks exactly like us.Like a perfectly healthy good looking guy.They could be the one you picked up on a bath house,a spa,a bar or wherever.
  • So wear a condom. Or just be faithful with your partners and if your single since birth, be faithful with your left hand like me LOL!
  • The only HIV/AIDS transmission would be through, sexual intercourse both vaginal and anal, needle sharing, blood transfusions, and mother to baby. But the probability that the baby could get it if the mother is positive is only 15 to 25% so it is very possible the baby will be aids-free.Wow!
  • If wanna get your self checked, you have to wait at least I think 3-6 months after sexual activity since there's this thing called window-period.
Well, that's all in my coconut shell about AIDS, hope it helps hehe. Anyway, the last speaker was a lot of fun,its about foreign language, he taught us some Arabic words like:
  • As-Salam-Alaikom which is a general greetings wherever whenever
  • kaif al-hal? which means how are you?
  • kuayyis which means I'm fine
  • shokran which means thank you
  • whismak? which means what is your name?
  • and you will answer it with esmi mac which means my name is mac
Those are the basics hehe, i bought a Tagalog-Arabic dictionary too. But all in all I'm not satisfied with the seminar, its not as comprehensive as I thought it was. I mean there's a lot of stuffs i wanted to know, like how about the gay scenes there, are gays allowed to wear gowns there?LOL! or can I bring my gay love story DVDs?those wholesome ones of course. Are we allowed to date other gay men there? go to the hotel and spend some night together?(libog na to!LOL) so please if you are a reader of mine from the middle east... help me hahaha!


Turismoboi said...

gudluck za pagflylalu!

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--salamat,excited na ko!

REDLAN said...

wow, am pretty sure you are so excited na. all new, ibang putahe na naman. food trip. ano ka ba. hehehe

Mac Callister said...

@redlan--kala ko kung ano na ibang putahe e LOL

bluedreamer27 said...


Frustrated Doctor said...

wow! pasama naman!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! heavy research and friendship ko!!! hahahaa ui may idadagdag pa ako sa arabic translation mo..

pag tinawag kang "loty, lotti, or lot" samapalin mo agad... tinawag kang bayot nyan! hehehehe. la lang. for emergency purposes lng. hehee

:: cb :: said...

"I mean there's a lot of stuffs i wanted to know, like how about the gay scenes there, are gays allowed to wear gowns there?LOL! or can I bring my gay love story DVDs?those wholesome ones of course. Are we allowed to date other gay men there? go to the hotel and spend some night together?(libog na to!LOL)"

bwahahaha lufett!!! i love how you turned that around! hahaha

anyway, nag PDOS din ung friend ko. it's nice that there are people who thought of this. at least di masyadong bulag ang mga tao pag-aalis. sana nga lang di nila gawing kabuhayan. haha

Mac Callister said...

@bluedreamer--hey thanks!

@frustrated doctor--cge alone pa naman ako dun LOL

@stainedheart--hehe di naman yan lang yun tinura samin sa seminar hehe

@cb--thanks,pero honestly i want to know those stuffs talaga haha

Tizzz said...


Months ago, I was planning working in Dubai,so I did some research.

I Don't know, what about Qatar, but I think it's pretty much the same. They said, In dubai, they like gay men, because they don't wanna impregnant women, so they like having sex with men.

But.... If u ever get caught. LOL.
You gonna be held in prison and then you get deported back to ur country. If I'm not mistaken.

Mac Callister said...

@tizz--haha ouch i dont wanna go to prison!

Podi Alejandro said...

Working in another country's always a milestone. Good luck! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :-)

Tizzz said...

LOL. Don't wanna u go to prison too.

So, Have fun. There' a lot of Hunks in there. Hmmm...

Mac Callister said...

@podi--a milestone,hmm i like that hehe.

@tizz--but they said guys there are sex maniac?haha

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Nice naman...

GOODLUCK! hehe :)

Tizzz said...

Yup. They are maniac. LOL. That's what make it fun. Rite?? hahaha...

I heard they like rough sex. LOL.
they don't like tender lovemaking.

Mac Callister said...

@tizz--ay type!LOL

stop scaring me!waaaaa!

Tizzz said...

Hahaha... LOL.

I'm not scaring u. U're gonna have so much fun.

They have a nice long big PACKAGE. LOL.

JIMG29 said...

mukhang pagpipistahan ka ng mga arabo at iba pang lahi sa Q. so be prepared baka dito mo na matagpuan ang true longings mo, gudlak mi amigo.

Mac Callister said...

@jimg29--haha wish ko lang!