May 6, 2009

Happy and Sad

Finally I have it!

Not the swine flu, but my visa!

I'm still in bed when I received a call at lunchtime yesterday saying "hello,Mr.-------, your visa is need to report at our office asap" and I was like whoa!am i dreaming or what?!

Then I rushed out to the living room and told my mom about it,she's thankful!my sister was like "yehey!now you could get me braces on my teeth!"! ambisyosa LOL!

When the excitement subsided,I felt a little sad and nervous!It means I'm going to fly-fly and be away to everybody for a long time.But I know this is something I really want. Money,savings, buy a house, buy some a boyfriend LOL!

I went at my agency at Makati today and saw my visa and have some more instructions from the staff, what I really didn't like about it was "your medical exam is already expired, you need to have a new one.It only has two months validity".

And I was like" siyete naman!!!" haha.I don't wanna do it again!damn! I will tell you why i hated the pre-employment medical exam:
  • I hated the scooping of my crap when I dropped it on the bowl and put it on a cup!!!its so yucky!!!!
  • I hated the long line and waiting and going there early in the morning with nothing on your stomach due to fasting!
  • the psychological exam which include answering those abstract thing!it gives me headaches!
  • And my most hated...the bending back while spreading my ass for the doctor to see my asshole while on physical exam naked!LOL!!!! Taena talaga!
I have to do all of that again tomorrow, its my worst nightmare! God help me survive all of that tomorrow!huhuhu!

They told me too that I could leave the country before the end of the month.Wow this is so in time with my birthday hehe a b-day gift which is on the 20th by the way!so send in your gifts guys!hahaha.

My mom will be leaving on the 16th of May though sad she wont be here on my b-day.

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:: cb :: said...

be strong. hehe tanong mo yung doctor kung pwedeng dinner muna bago tuwad. heehee

Turismoboi said...

happy birthday!

goodluck on ur trip too!

Anonymous said...

you coming here to visit marc and i? hehe, that would be sooo much fun!

you'll be fine with the physical exam... you like to get naked anyway, just think of it as one of your hook ups... just don't get a hard on in front of them, that would be sooo embarrrrraaassssinnnngg!!!! hahaa...

have a good day!


Solo said...

Yay.hahaha...Good for you and bad for you.hahaha
Good,coz u can leave anytime soon.and bad,coz u can't do that without passing the things that you don't want to do anymore..;D hahaha
But i think u need to do it na!! For your good;D Good luck fren.;D
Btw,advance happy b-day.;D

Mac Callister said...

@CB--hay naku matanda na yun doctor kanina ang sunget pa!

@turismoboi--thanks matagl tagal pa naman may almost 3 weeks pa ko

@starfish--oo bah wait nyo ko tapos tabi kami ni marc sa room dun ka sa salas!LOL

@solo--hey thanks!natapos na din kanina ok naman nakaraos na ko hehe

Kenji said...

Ohh whaaat!? I didn't know the medical examination is that tedious in Philippines! I mean, compare to yours, mine was a breeze! A simple blood test, some X-Rays and more blood tests and I'm done! O_o

Crazy TL said...


Anonymous said...

And my most hated...the bending back while spreading my ass for the doctor to see my asshole while on physical exam naked!LOL!!!! Taena talaga!

"naks naman. mahirap nga yan. i havent experienced that... but i think i can manage hahaha. pero tywad yalaga... "

pepe M. said...

where art thou going mac???


Anonymous said...

hey just wanted to say congratz on your visa and hope the best for you! WOW that is a pretty extreme physical that you have to go through! Well best wishes and loving the posts, haven't had much time to keep up with mine...Thank you for all the comments though!



Mac Callister said...

@kenji--you are lucky not to strip down in front of the doctor and examine your private parts hehehe

@TL--hey thanks!

@karakrus--you'll experience that once you applied for work or going to work abroad.

@pepe--im going to qatar hehe at a hospital there.

@ande--thanks!take care.

nald said...

wah!rectal examination was a horrible experience! It's part of the physical examination in our university!!!Good luck MaC! hehehehe

and congrats because the long wait is over... ;-)

Mac Callister said...

@nald--im glad its over hehe,and thanks!

varrylicious said...

Congratulations!!! The long wait is over, You have your visa! fly fly mac na. Sayang hindi pa kita nameet kainis.heheh Well, You'll be opening a new chapter in your life and encounter more experiences thru your journey that you will share here in your blog, That I'll be waiting to read. =)
Just keep your feet on the ground, keep safe... stay happy!


Mac Callister said...

@varrylicious--wow finally you made a comment on my blog hehe,thanks for visiting me here.ofcourse I will tell my story my gayscapade at qatar haha watch out for that peeps!

Jonathan said...

Okay, so what you're saying is you don't want to get naked and bend over in front of a male doctor. What's wrong with you???????????????? I bet you'll be there all pre-lubed and erect :)

Mac Callister said...

@jonathan--hahaha you're crazy!

MC said...

Congratulations Mac! Saan ka nga ba puputa este PUPUNTA pala? Advance happy birthday na rin. :]

Mac Callister said...

@MC--hey thanks,ako ay mag ka qatar hehe