May 18, 2009

Birthday Gift?

"Its my birthday on the 20th hehe wala lang...papansin lang LOL"

I found someone promising, hmmm...*wink-wink*
It started on twitter, he talked to me a little...
Then finally on May 13, he replied on my tweets, got my attention
I left for a while to have my dinner then and I saw a message on my YM account,saying:
"You never came back,I'm waiting for you at twitter..."
Hmmm....demanding haha

I smiled, I saw someone willing to talk to me, really, really wanted to talk to me
I got giddy and all haha, its been a while since I felt this funny stuffs
He said he's been following my blog since November
and that he's been trying to reach me for a while now.
"I read almost everything, from the beginning.
I'm more on the content of your blog"

I saw some of his updates on twitter while were chatting:
"I'm chatting with my dream boy right now... pls bear with me friends,Im busy with him. Gustong gusto ko kasi siya makausap ever!"
I know he's referring to me (ambisyosa ako di bah LOL)
I don't know if its right to flirt with your readers?!haha

Its been 5 days now, everyday were chatting at YM from 8pm to 5am. We even extend our chats till 6 in the morning! he just don't wanna stop! I have to remind him that the sun is up and he needs to go home! He's working on a call center and I kept him company while he works
It felt like I'm working too.LOL. Its a good thing he can chat with me while he work.

What I like about this guy is, he came to me so honest, no fuss at all
He introduce himself, gave me his real name with surname included ha! which is so rare on chatting. he showed me his picture right away too...
Even if I never asked any of them. He could easily talks about his past, his broken family, as if he wants to come clean and open with me. Im impressed.

You have a nice name, I told him
"you'll be carrying my name once were married" he said
And my eyes popped out of its socket and replied
"Waaaaa I don't wanna be the bride!" LOL and he said
"OK,fine, I'll wear the freakin' gown...just marry me!"

Maybe there's a reason why my surname on my visa was misspelled

For me to have more time with this guy?To get to know him more?

I don't know.I'm just too afraid to commit at this point in time.

I don't wanna be unfair at him.We both know I'm leaving soon.

"Don't be so pessimistic.Lets make the most out of this Mac, while it lasts.."

Out of nowhere..I don't know where it came from,I asked him

"Will you be my date on my birthday?"

"sure hehe.I will be your gift, I'll wrapped myself on a big box!"


Anonymous said...

you're such a hopeless romantic, hope you get what you want for your birthday... :)

when do you leave?


:: cb :: said...

life's funny like that. i'm a firm believer that nothing is random.

"I don't know if its right to flirt with your readers?!haha"solid yan. walang problema. haha

Mac Callister said...

@starfish--yeah i am haha.hmm i want on my b-day?start working and have a great guy before i leave!hahaha un talaga e noh

@cb--haha mukhang gawain mo na yan a LOL!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...wish you the best for your birthday! you're flying where? you told me that your mom is in Italy, are you leaving for Italy, too? Im in Rome...thanks for the visit Mac.

Gram Math said...

hey! cheers to both you,
im happy for you. :)
hope you have more time together though

Mac Callister said...

@blueroseguy--thanks!no,my mom is in dubai naman yun,nagtatrabaho kahit malayo sa pamilya

@gram math--salamat sana nga!and welcome back here hehe!

Turismoboi said...

hindi ko alam kung kikiligin ako o maiinggit ako

Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--haha kiligin nalang!

Mumusakanto said...

sweet. i'll bet you'll have your greatest gift on your birthday :D have a blast! ~mumu

Summer said...

Oh my,this is it fen.he;s the right hahaha =)
Wait, he's going to be your gift on your birthday?Oh my,hope you will be happy on your birthday Mac.=) Wish you all the best.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

dencios said...

kung san ka masaya boy, dun ka lumugar at pihadong mas masaya ako para sa sarili mong kaligayahan! enjoy mo ang buhay mo. maligayang bati!

K said...

He's offering you a "gift" - you can't lose! Go and meet the guy.

When are you leaving? Where to?

Happy Birthday Mac.

Solo said...

Yay,this is exciting.can't wait to know what will happenon the day of the birthday of Mac the;D hahaha
Good luck friend.:D

Travel and Living

<*period*> said...

glad youll be happy on your bday

god bless dear

dont worry, i'll be okay

makaka move on din ako

Mac Callister said...

@mumusakanto--wow!great name!haha thanks sana nga!

@summer--haha ayoko mag expect ng anything(landi!LOL)


@K--sana nga!i'll be going to qatar,pero la pa ako sched ng lipad,may problem pa un visa ko may mali sa spelling surname ko haha

@solo--i'll keep u updated guys haha

@period--yeah dpat happy lahat hehe

JIMG29 said...

i find twitter 2b da most straight, direct, to the point and no nonsense way of expression there is 2day.

kaka-tu-weet ang story mo.

Mac Callister said...

@jimg29--hehe oo nga e i like twitter a lot!thanks by the way!!!

marvin said...

on ur 2nd wish, pede yun! proven! :-)