May 16, 2009

A Family Show: Goodbye Once Again

Its five in the morning, still dark when I look out the window, I turned off my alarm clock and grab my "piknik" (remember my chamber pot?LOL) and headed out of my room.I saw my mom and dad having breakfast,there's a silent atmosphere in every corner of our house.I sat down and eat "goto" and loaf bread.I felt like choking.

But I pretend I'm not sad at all, don't wanna show them I'm being an "emo" or something.I don't know,why are we too shy to say our feelings with our mother? I cant remember I said "I love you" to her, maybe it sounds so cheesy and corny and all, we are not so used to it, (but i don't have a hard time saying those words when I'm f*cking someone and about to c*m!LOL) but I know I showed it to her on every possible way I can I just cant say it!Damn!

I told her instead "mom, don't forget to bring your face mask and alcohol on your bag OK?"

I hope she got my hidden message. That inside those words I'm saying "mom I love you, please take care of yourself and we will miss you". I'm jealous of other people too comfortable saying I love yous to their mother, or parents, we are just not that vocal about it, but we knew, deep inside our hearts that we do love each other.

We talked about anything inside the car. It was fun.

Then we reached our destination...

NAIA...the airport.

This is the day she's going back to Dubai

Another two years before she come back

Before we go out and hangs out again

I will miss her so much

When she's about to go inside I hugged her so tight and said:

"mother wag ka tatatanga-tanga na naman dun sa eroplano ha!"

And we all laughed and she headed at the entrance.

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Anonymous said...

awww, that's sweet! lol... you're sooo funny!

"mother wag ka tatatanga-tanga na naman dun sa eroplano ha!"

that made me laugh!

have a good weekend!


Mac Callister said...

@starfish--hey welcome back arizona boy!hehe

marvin said...

aawwww! nde q rin cnsabi yan sa family ko khit p-joke lng. pero i tried tellin my mom 'i love u' once before. it's not that bad once u said it. trust me. hanap ka lang ng moment. :-)

Mac Callister said...