January 16, 2010

Something Else

It was past 10pm and my transpo is calling me already, I had a busy night at work and I'm not yet finished endorsing. So I was running at the lobby so that the driver won't leave me and come back after an hour! I wanna go home right away.

I spotted the van and I opened it, but surprised to see Darkguy inside already. I didn't know he was on duty too. I occupied the first seat. He was sitting at the back. Maybe he didn't know I'm on duty as well, I took a cab when I went to work earlier.

I have an issue with him the other day, that's why I'm not on a talking mood at him. He asked the driver about me, its funny instead of asking me, he asked the Nepali driver.

"How come I'm alone earlier when u picked me up but now, we have someone else?(referring to me)"

"He took the cab, he would be late, he said" the driver answered him. I didn't react. Pretend I was busy listening to my mp3 player.

Until I felt he's touching my shaved head. Rotating his hand over my skinhead. I took his hand off. Telling him, to stop it.

The 20minutes travel time from hospital to our accommodation was like an hour due to our silence. There's only the two of us inside that dark van. I moved out of the van first. I felt my backpack heavier, he put his hands on it. Papansin ha...

Until I felt his arms on my shoulders, he wanted to make "akbay" while we're walking towards the elevator, but I took them off, I don't want anyone seeing us like that!Waaaaa!

"why?" he said referring to my resistance for him to put his arms on my shoulders.

"just don't..." I just said and walked fast to the elevator.Pakipot ko noh?LOL!

Inside the elevator, he's almost hugging me, but I'm not contented with it, I want him to kiss me and have sex with me again!LOLLLLLLLLLLL

Its the first floor, he get off and it closes again.

I sighed.

I just reminded my self: he's married, its better this way.


rudeboy said...

Playing coy, boy? ;-P

Anonymous said...

pabuntong-buntong hininga ka...e baket kasi nagpakipot ka pa? ehehehe...

homer said...

if he catches you at the right time, i bet it would be a different story.

Mac Callister said...

@rudeboy--haha a little

Mac Callister said...

@dyoy--ayoko kasi ako mauna magyaya na gusto ko ng more than akbay!LOL

Mac Callister said...


Aris said...

kamukha ba siya ng guys na nasa pic? kainggit ka. hehe! good luck and enjoy! :)

citybuoy said...

"just don't..." I just said and walked fast to the elevator.

sushal ka!

Darc Diarist said...

if you didn't say no, baka he didn't "get off" sa floor niya.

but seriously, kudos for self-restraint... but then again... hehe

Anonymous said...

Si "E" ang talagang dahilan ng lahat.