December 6, 2009

Ginataan And Selfishness

I was so excited that day to cook ginataang sugpo (prawns with coconut milk, one of my favorite Filipino food), its already planned to have the first half for dinner later and the other half for tomorrow. It smells so good and I cant wait for my rice to cook. I put it aside for a while and decided to cook adobo to bring at work tomorrow morning while waiting.

The doorbell rang, I was wondering who it might be, I'm not expecting anyone and besides, I look like shit! with too much spills from cooking and my face are on the highest level of oil production!LOL

When I opened it, there's no one! I looked at the stairway and there he was...came out from hiding: Egay! My annoying and feeling-close colleague at work! damn! What was he doing here???I asked my self. He was the last person I'm expecting to see or to be my visitor at this point in time!

"why?!' I lazily asked

"I wanna come in!" and he just bumped me and invited himself in. "oh that smells good...what are you cooking? i wanna eat dinner here, can I?"

"huh?!" that's all that I said haha

"Come-on, I'm so hungry, I'm your visitor you should entertain me!" he added. I found out that he just moved to my building! Meaning: he's just a few floors away from me!

I run to the kitchen because I could smell my adobo almost burning. He followed me. Then I realized he might see my prawns!

Oh nooooo!

I want them for myself! Not to share with this moron!hahahaha! I hid the casserole behind bottles of soysause and fish sauce and prayed he wont smell it or notice that separate casserole at the kitchen side!LOL

I tried to relax and let him watch my cooking. "that looks good Mac, I'm so hungry. Is it cooked already?lets eat! I'm starving!" he said. I tried to smile and pretend I'm not annoyed. So makapal-face,kairita!

When he came closer to my casserole of prawns I moved on its direction so that my back will hide them from him! LOL

Grabe, am so selfish!

I prepared the table and we had dinner together, my yummy dinner with ginataan that night was ruined because of him! I had adobo instead!

I have big riped bananas too, but its too big and I sliced it into two! sayang naman if di naman niya maubos di ba?LOL

When we finished I said: "OK, you can leave now, I have a lot of things to do"

"why you're throwing me out, I still wanna hang out and watch TV" he protested and he saw my laptop and he recognized a familiar name on one of the people I'm chatting: darkguy. I immediately pulled him away from the screen!

"you two are close? you didn't tell me that you guys are chatting" he added. I denied it, because apparently he moved to that vacant room where darkguy lives! They are flatmates now! And I'm very discreet about our affair and I don't want anyone to know about him especially this talkative and super-annoying-kapal-face-Egay!

"You need to get out now". I dragged him to the door and said bye and shut the door!LOL


m2mtripper said...

Hhhmmm... Hindi kaya ang ending e kayo?
Diba, the more you hate, the more you love?
Shux, nasosobrahan na yata ako sa kakapanood ng pinoy flicks.


Ming Meows said...

is he PLU?

Mac Callister said...

@m2mtripper-- whatttttt?no no no,it wont happen haha

@ming--no he is married

citybuoy said...

ugh! how annoying! you had every right to hide your ginataan.

the geek said...

prawns!!!!!!! one of my favorites!!!!

realscore said...

pa add...add din kita!

m2mtripper said...

Diba ganyan yung sa mga pelikula.
Yung pinaka-asar at di magkasundo sila madalas yung nagiging mag-on (depply madly in love) sa isa't isa sa huli?




Jules said...

Buti di nakita ung ginatan lol. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Ming Meows said...

naisip ko kasi food in exchange for sex. haha! ang libog ko!

jay said...

yummeh! buti hindi niya nakita.

Yj said...

friend, lalake lang ang sinosolo hahahahaha

but then again, kung hindi mo naman pala siya bet, huwag na nga i-share ang ginataan hahahahaha

noel said...

This post is hilarious. Ang damot mo Mac! Haha kidding.

Anonymous said...

hehe! i love your blog.