September 14, 2009

Blessed andThankful

Finally after two months of working here in the desert, I got my first salary for two months!yahooooo!!!first payments, first money, it felt so good when it came out of the atm machine, a fruit of my labor and hard work(?)!

Since I'm very rich!LOL! I rushed to the mall and bought 6 t-shirts, a pair of pants and shorts, a perfume (Burberry Brit) and these two lovely shoes from Nike and Lacoste!its shopping to the maxxxxx!!!!my sister will kill me once she knew about the total amount I spent!!!(plus my N97 phone!) good thing the mall is closing and if they didn't, i might spend half of my money from clothes!maybe its God's way of saying...ENOUGH!

nike - free everyday 2

Lacoste- tourelle BP

The next day I bought a microwave and a rice cooker. Since I badly need those. I treated my friends at Ponderosa as I promised them before, where in there is a buffet and the best thing about the restaurant, its eat all you can!I wasn't able to breath when we finally decided to go home hahaha.

It's just frustrating that some brands are not available here like in Manila, only UK brands can be found here. Honestly I dont know some of them hahaha! Jologs kasi!

Im thankful for all of these. My work is good, my boss and co-employee are nice and approachable, I have a good housemate, I have many new friends and I can buy things that I like now, I am blessed. I must say. I promised my self this is the last time I will be spending this much. Next month I will start saving up money and avoid going to the mall.

Mr.Italian is asking for a dinner, ofcourse, my treat this time since he knew I got my first paycheck.
I will hide!LOL


Summer said...

Oh my god! I was able to leave my comment here when i saw that Ps message something. lol =D Well, go ahead. Besides, you just promise that next time you will not spend lots of your salary and you will start saving eh?! So better treat Mr.Italian now or never. lol Just kidding here. =D Stay safe and congrats for your first salary. =D

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Chronicler said...

Hahahaha...congratulations, Mac. Enjoy the "fruits of your labor" as you deserve it. Again it pays to save up for the future which I bet is your main goal in going and work in Qatar.

Solo said...

I like the Lacoste shoes. ;D Can you give it to me?! hahaha Joke lang! ;D

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Basyon said...

Oh wow! Love the white shoes. Buti kapa nagsweldo na. Hihi Ako next week pa, pero baka di ako mamili. Magsisimula kasi kmi ni hubby ng small business. Eeeiii excited ako. haha Anyways, congrats on your salary, pa-buger ka nmn. O kaya dun sa balik bayan box, pki-reserve nalng ng make-up kit. lolz. ;D

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RaYe said...

wow.. i love the nike shoes.. hehe

eist, you better keep a part of your first salary there.
sabi nila, it's swerte if you won't touch/spend your first salary..

tc always!


That Lacoste looks cool... Is that Wimbledon in it?

Ming Meows said...

wow naman...enjoy mo lang, pinagpaguran mo naman eh...

marvin said...

love those pair of lacoste shoes! i-enjoy ang life at pasalamat sa blessings! ;)

blurosebluguy said...

yaman mo na mac....hahahahaha...

livingstain said...

gusto ko talaga yung unanag sapatos, ung nike, matagal ko na nga yang inaaligidan sa SM e, sobrang mahal kasi... hai...

hi Mc ingatz lage.

mini_me said...

know what? ive been reading your blog for a very looooooooong time! Been wanting to meet you in person before. Haha! But i never really had the urge to comment on your blog. But right after i saw your Lacoste shoes, i immediately look it up online and... and.... and know what? imma headin' to Greenbelt! Haha

Chris said...

wow! i heard working in middle east is very high paid wo..

the geek said...

me too, i fell in love with the lacoste shoes.

its right that we reward ourselves from time to time.

Walongbote said...

Yay! ShopPing to the max ka ah. I love the 2 pair of shoes.. Bka wala ka ng m0ney nyan?

tuutuukii said...

napadaan lang po.. :)

:O love the shoes sobra...
ang ganda..
kapag shoes nga naman..

Yj said...

shopping is always therapeutic....:)

Abou said...

kakainggit naman

dhyoy said...

huwaw shopping galore!... sarap minsan ipampam ang sarili haizzz lalo na kung marami kang datung! mapalad ka ahehehe!

flamindevil said...

yaman mo macmac!huwaw!

promise?this is the last time na magshopping galore ka?talaga lang ha..hehe

dencios said...

bakit ang yabang mo ha?




Mac Callister said...

@summer--oo nagpapa treat nga siya!

@chronicler--yeah tama ka first and last shopping na ito.ipon na ako from this day on

@solo--yoko nga! haha

@basyon--oo antayin mo nalang hehe

@raye--yes mother.LOL hey anhirap mag comment sa blog mo bakit ganun hehe.

@KJ--ewan ko haha basta ko nalang binili kasi type ko LOL

@ming meows--oo nga e..

@marvin--i really love it suot ko nga kahit tutulog e LOLLLLLLL

@bluroseguy--di naman haha konti lang LOL!

@livingstain--hay naku madami pa pala kulay un mas maganda un blue haha

@mini me--really?sayang di ko ma view link mo hehe.hit me a message on my email some time so that we can chat or something.

@chris--yeah it is.depends on ur job i guess

@the geek--i cant buy them when i was in the philippines hehe

@walongbote-meron pa naman natira 1 riyal LOL!

@tutuuukii--weird name ha hehe,anyway thanks for being here.

@YJ--yeah and kakaadik din!LOL

@abou--asus kayang kaya mo bilhin un no!

@dyoy--haha tumpak!

@flamindevil--haha oo naman magshopping pa din pero di na gaya nito na parang panic buying LOL


enJAYneer said...

I love the Lacoste shoes!!!!! Sana may magregalo sakin ng ganyan! hahaha...

Knoxxy said...

Looks like you went on a spending spree! lol