January 4, 2010

Cloud 9

Two days before the new year, Egay asked me if I want to go with him at the supermarket, I already had plans to go even if he don't ask me, so I have no choice but to say yes, I don't wanna say no and then he would see me there, it'll just look stupid.

I was on my laptop when Darkguy sent a message :"what time you two will go? can I come?" Egay and him are flatmates. He must've told him.

Its unexpected, its the first time he asked me if he wanna come and if ever this would be the first time we will hang out to the mall. Except that there's the annoying Egay with us LOL! I said yes, I wonder how will it turn out. Would I enjoy his company? or would I be bored? or will I be floating on cloud 9?LOL!

Im just wearing shorts and rubber shoes, casual and fun!(may ganun!) At the van, I occupied the first row, Egay at the second at my back, and when Darkguy arrived he had no choice but to sit at the last row. Every row is for two person, I don't wanna sit beside Egay, that's why!LOL

"I wanna sit beside you, Mac. Moved!" Darkguy said after a few minutes. Before I could make a protest he's already standing and pushing me to move so that he could sit beside me. I cannot believe it! He wanna sit beside me and I'm a little worried Egay might get some clue between us.

"Mac, treat me to dinner ha?" he said while laughing and he held my hand. My eyes was wide open!

"Kapal mo!" and I shook his hand off me. "sige na treat mo ko ha.." He held it again and I took it off and he held it again. Gosh its electrifying! I was afraid Egay might think of something else between us and I wanna be careful and this Moron is so comfortable!

He kept on bugging me about treating him to dinner, we all just had our salaries that day, and I know he can treat me too to dinner LOL! there are times when he's not holding my hand he would touch my hairy legs and said :" are you a relative of the monkey clan?"

Batukan ko nga !

If i know, he's enjoying holding my hand and legs! and me too!hahaha. At the mall, I bought a new oakley bag and I persuaded Egay to buy a new Caterpillar bag after I said many bad things about the bag he's currently using!

Egay had to fall in line at the money transfer booth and that made me and Darkguy alone. We continued on going to shop to shop, and it made me smile whenever he says: "this will look good on you". In fact he's too nice and fun that day. I'm glad I'm having this time with him. But I could sense trouble deep inside. I think I'm a masochist of first kind!

It felt like we're dating...it felt like we're just alone at the crowded mall..it felt like...cloud 9!LOL I was laughing when he asked me if I could take a picture of him at the Christmas snow display on the center of the mall! Parang bata!

When I agreed, and I prepared my phone's camera but he insisted on taking my picture first! whaaaat! this is your idea why i go first! I told him! so then he took my picture and I took his picture too. Finally I have a picture of him, a remembrance for me! We even took a picture of us together. Hay parang si Bea at John Lloyd lang! ako si Bea?!waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

My fantasies was like flushed on the toilet bowl when we entered a shop for little kids...for his 9 months old daughter. It felt like I was slapped on both face. "this would look great on my baby" he said.

I smiled and put on a poker face. I asked him to go elsewhere. He would try some clothes on and would call me for opinions. I noticed when he tried on a shirt that there's a big improvement on his body, he's been working out 3 times a week, he really did go back to the gym afterall. I remembered when we're on my bed and he said "OK, I'll go back to the gym for you..." and I thought he just wanted to flatter me with words then.

Finally Egay came back and we went at the food court (haha kuripot!) I wanted to pay for his order but he refused and told me he's just joking when he's insisting on I treating him. In my mind: So you just wanna have a reason to hold my hand at the van?

Egay was at the counter when both of us are waiting for the food when he said that he's tired of dining at this restaurant and blah blah blah.

"I only eat there when I'm on a date" I said. I don't know it just came naturally!

"How come you never asked me for a date?" he answered.

"Huh?" I was speechless. I don't know how to answer it, I was surprised by the accusation on his question.

"So, who are you dating there? Can I see who he is?" he continued.

I said I don't have a pic at my phone. But he didn't believe me. He's insisting that I have one and that he wanna see him.

Good thing Egay came for the rescue. We ate and he never asked me again about it.


Anonymous said...

LMAO! "i only eat there when i'm on a date" you know you go there after work everyday! lol dork! lol kidding!

happy new year!!! and yes I DON'T DRINK! lol

Ming Meows said...

Epal talaga si Egay ha

marvin said...

haha! at dahil antagal kong nawala, wala rin akong clue kung sino si egay!!! mukhang marami akong babasahin ah! hapi new year mac! :))

Anonymous said...

hahhaha...what a new year indeed to start with.....hahahaha...

enjoy the moment...
hapi new year mac!!!!!!!

homer said...

di kaya maging kayo... ni Egay

turmoil said...

hehehe ask him on a date..you go mac!

Sid said...

LOlz..It was fun reading what Darkguy did and Egay getting suspicious about you two :)

So Egay is your BF?? I do not know ..let me know..i ll keep up with ur blog from now...

visit mine sometime :)

Anonymous said...

Pinoy Ba c Darkguy?

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Goodluck sa relationship mo...

Happy New year Mac! Hehe :)

Mac Callister said...

@starfish--haha no no its too expensive to eat there evryday!

@ming--yeah he is annoying

@marvin--umpisahan mo na! :-)

@blue-thanks kuya!happy new year too

@homer--waaaa ayoko!!!

@turmoil--hmmm ewan ko bahala na

@sid--no egay is not my bf at jusko maawa ang langit wag naman sana!LOL

@anonymous--darkguy is filipino

@mangyan--wish i have one LOL. happy new year din

Anonymous said...

Malakas talaga ang kutob ko na si Egay ang kapalaran mo.



Mac Callister said...

@m2mtripper--knock on wood 3x!!!shut up!dont say bad words LOL!

Zai Zai said...

haha! agree ako kay m2m..feeling ko kayo ni egay in the end :)