March 15, 2010

What's Goin On Mac?

The following are recent updates on my life so far. You could say "we don't care!" LOL, but I don't mind, I still wanna say them anyway, whether you like it or not! tse!
  • Its been eight months now, and my dream before going here to work was to save money, I wanna buy a house and lot to a decent subdivision back in Laguna, so that I could have my own private place, where me and my future partner (which I hope, I could meet soon LOL) could live without interference from my family. But its such a shame that I don't have a single cent on my account yet!waaaaa! Its frustrating. The main reasons are these: I'm sending money to my mom, she has financial crisis at Dubai now. I also volunteered to shoulder the monthly electric bills at home. That's the least I could do to help them there. They could have the air con open all day!LOL. The last reason: I'm such a shopaholic! I need psychiatric help!nyaha! I felt guilty when I bought this expensive Bulgari eyeglasses last time which costs less than 20,000 pesos while my mom are trying to budget her money to lasts for a month. Even worst is, I'll be having my yearly vacation this July which is 4 months from now, so I need to start saving now or else I would be poor when I go home!
  • I was into Eli for a few weeks, been happy every time we're talking and had the same schedule at work. Recently, I chat with him at Face book and had the courage to asked him on a date. I said: Hey Eli, what you doing later? he said: nothing, will stay home. Then I typed the words : would you like to have a date with me? I was so nervous when I pressed send. But i was too afraid to know what could be his answers, so before he could read it and reply, I immediately signed out of face book!LOL So till now I never know what his reply was and good thing that time FB was having troubles with their system. Now, we have this awkward feeling towards each other, as if we broke up or something, I'm avoiding him and he's avoiding me! haha
  • I also found out that Eli used to bring food at Darkguy's flat! whaaaat! they're friends or what?!
  • My night life was very active for the past weeks, we had fun going to club to club. Had some drinks and party hard all night!
  • We received 5o% of our salary the other day, a gift from our bosses for passing the international standard of care for our beloved hospital. That's awesome!
  • I cannot find a diesel skinny jeans here! I hate Doha stores!LOL
  • Me and two girl friends decided to watch The Wolfman at the cinema,before it start I warned them not to scream or else. Turned out when the first scary scene came, my scream was the loudest!LOL
  • I'm loving the pediatric ICU now, unlike before that my chest almost explode due to too much nervousness! I'm good at adult patient but with children? with neonates? waaaa! But now I could say I'm confident enough, so kids bring it on!
  • My laziness escalated to the next level, I so hate washing dishes, so I had the idea of buying disposable plates, cups, and spoon and forks! O di ba tapon na lang ng tapon?!haha I'm not even cooking, I have my foods delivered every night from a nearby Filipino resto.
  • I developed a good friendship with my senior Lebanese staff, he's 45 something and very kind, at first I was just joking around about liking his company, but damn, I somehow develop this fondness on him, I kinda consider him now as my dear old friend Greg. He brought me home, he bring me chocolates, even asked me to go drinking, but too afraid to say yes, my friends are scaring me that he might rape me LOL!
  • and lastly, I don't know but do you believe that love could grow even if you two haven't met yet? I mean its an online relationship, we talk for hours, web cam, calling from the phone every now and then, for more than a year now. I suddenly realized it, just tonight, that I'm possibly in love with him....Its hidden somewhere in my heart that only now it made me aware of it, and I think he's the one I could come home to...this July. You made me happy tonight EDC...naks! tawa yan! LOL
I hope you're still awake after all that! So see you next time guys. Take care!


JR said...

no comment lol.. taga laguna ka rin??

Jules said...

Hahaha. I love this post. Daming twist lol. Naku masama yan Mac. You're being magastos. Try to save money now or else. Wala kang uuwi. =D
Keep safe fren.

The Brown Mestizo

Mac Callister said...

@jr--yeah taga laguna ako

@jules--hey thanks,i know kaya nga super pigil ako gumastos this coming months

Ming Meows said...

baka nga magkita tayo!

Phunk Factor said...

Hahahahaha...funnyyyyyy!!! Awesome one, man!!

Anonymous said...

ehem sino kaya si EDC hihihi...ito lang masasabi ko, ang colorful ng buhay mo... :D

tim said...

hahahaha, ganun na talaga yata.. anyway, pic mo, emote na emote ka nga masyado.. hehehehe.. cool!

Mac Callister said...

@ming--antayan mo ko july uwi ko LOL

@phunk--hey thanks!i have a crazy life here LOL

Mac Callister said...

@dyoy--tama ka jan!hehe

@tim--pic ko?secret yan LOL

MkSurf8 said...

Save save save. Doesn't matter if it's a small amount. What's important is to develop the habit :)

Mac Callister said...

@mksurf--tama ka jan!

Justine said...

i think we have the same reasons why i decided to work in qatar. sooner, i'll be there