December 5, 2009

A Quickie-Post!

Just came home from our VERY early Christmas party, many requested to have it earlier so that those who will be going back to manila to have their holiday vacation be included. We are in charged of the food (5 of us, new staffs) they have this tradition that every time a new comer arrives to the department, they have to do the "pakilala" wherein they have to feed all of the staff! I mean 40 of them!LOL

At least there's five of us, it didn't became that much, each of us contributed to a certain amount and so far they loved the foods!Thanks to my friend who did all the cooking!haha.

The party was awesome, its nice to have this kind of get-together. Had a lot of laugh.

This is just a quick recap of what had happen for the past week:

  • Darkguy is back, and we talk all the time, I see him all the time. I think I'm beginning to have a big crush on him AGAIN.
  • Aldwin left for UAE last weekend for 4 days vacation, without a word of goodbye. Our last night together was not so pleasant before he left.
  • Been short for cash did some shopping (since i thought I'm gonna have much more extra money) and the next day my mom needed money ASAP and have to sent her all of what's left! so now am so poor! waaaaaaa!
  • I'm gonna be on duty night shift on the 24th and 25th!huhu. But I'll be off on the new year's eve though.
I will tell you all of the details next time, so sleepy.



Yj said...

hays at least pwede kang makipag putukan sa new year hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh... Darkguy's back, huh?



Mac Callister said...

@yj--haha tumpak!

@m2mtripper-- yeah he is