December 29, 2009

One Fine Night

I was in a hurry to go home after my 2 to 10pm duty tonight, I need to buy some food since I was like a poor homeless guy who have nothing to eat for the next day!haha. So after my service dropped me to my accommodation, I just took off my scrubsuit and run to the elevator, I need to hurry up because I'm not sure if the Filipino grocery on the next street is open till this time.

When I reached the ground floor and the elevator opened I was surprised to see Darkguy coming out from the other elevator beside mine! It obvious he's going somewhere, somewhere near, just like me. He looked surprised too. Its been a week since we last talked and see each other. We had different schedule and I was assigned to other ICU's all week long.

"Where are you going?" I hesitantly asked him while we walked out of the lobby. He's wearing a short and a jacket. Yun parang kapote ang tela!LOL (cheap ha!)

"I'm going to G-mart..." he said. Oh no! that's where exactly am heading! Is this a joke or what??!!

"You're stalking me, I'm going there too" --me

"KAPAL MO...asus, if I know you're meeting someone there" (did I sensed jealousy there?hehe)

"What?of course not!"

"Then why you have to put on perfume?" I laughed. I told him of course I need to put on a little, not so confident without it.

Its a long walk from our accommodation to the grocery store and I'm feeling a little awkward and shy...SHY?! I didn't know I'm shy!LOL

So, while were walking like lovers (except that we are not!) under the cold moonlight on the street of Doha, we're talking casually and taking our time to get to our destination. Technically, this is the longest conversation we had...yeah I know, we had sex, but we didn't talk much then. And if we're on our transportation service, its all nonsense and joking with his friends.

The weather here at Doha is so nice now, I'm loving the coldness and the street lights are amazing...Its such a perfect settings, romantic I must say, too bad he's not my boyfriend and he's married.

"what are you going to buy?" he asked

"cookies and cream ice cream hehe, I don't know, I'm craving for it since yesterday" I replied

"at this hour?! you're so childish" he accused but smiling

"paki mo ba..." I said (pa-chute ang potah!LOL)

When we're inside the grocery, I took my time to look around stuffs to buy, I'm expecting he'll go ahead first.

"I'll be at the vegetable store at the other store wait for me there, I'll be quick". --darkguy

After a while, we're both headin' back to our street. I must say we're having a nice conversation. A different side of him. I didn't know he could be this nice. When we're at the elevator again, I felt like suffocating again...its just me and him inside that small space. I imagined some movies I saw where they kissed and make out!LOL

Till he reached his floor and waved goodbye.

I sighed.


the geek said...

happy new year!

Ming Meows said...

what? darkguy is married?

Mac Callister said...

@geek--happy new year too

m2mtripper said...

Wow... Sweetness!

Pero ang boto ko ipapatrol ko kay Ginataang Sugpo guy.
Malakas ang pakiramdam ko na kayo ang destined para sa isa't isa.


citybuoy said...

married pala. hala. tama na yan. happy new year nalang. :D