September 29, 2009

"Do You Wanna Do it Again Tonight?"

Its been 5 days since "that" happened between us, and he never failed to send messages to my messenger or my phone inviting me or flirting with me to do it all again. Which I declined. Part of me wanting to say yes, but I gathered all my strength to say no. We never cross path since then maybe its pure luck, I guess.

But not on one morning...

I went out of the building to wait for my driver to arrive to bring me to work and so as other employees, I saw a few outside too. Until one figure appeared on my left side. Wearing his uniform in full glory.Its him. Darkguy. I don't know what to do. He was a few inches away from me. He was talking to the other guy. I knew he saw me. I just looked away from him and prayed for my service to come right away.

I was relax again when I reached the hospital. Prayed so hard my boss wont assign me to Darkguy's area where he is on duty that day! I was so relieved when he didn't. Until before lunch, one of my senior staff who was assigned to the area where I don't want to go said : Mac, please cover my area for a while I need to go to the personnel department. And I was like "Oh nooooooooooooo!!!!"

I run out of good luck, one nurse called and they need me there. I had no choice but to go. Bahala na si batman.

I spotted him immediately as soon as I entered the room, he was busy. The nurse who called me was next to him good thing there's wall between them. But the nurse need one thing, which I have to get to the door next to Darkguy's .Shit! shit! shit! I walked passing over him. I knew he noticed me. I still didn't looked at him. It feels so awkward!

When I was fixing the machine and I was talking to the nurse who called me, he then appeared. Talking to the nurse I was talking to. Shit! I wanna kill him. He was teasing me by appearing in front of me.He knew I'm avoiding him and that I'm not comfortable. I turned my back instead and pretended busy with the machine.

But goodness, he look so hot and sexy. I suddenly missed the kiss. The feeling of his body towards mine.

Past 2:00 pm I received a text from him " do you wanna do it again tonight?"


I replied :"I will wait for you later" I don't know what was I thinking!


6:00 pm: He texted what time should he come. I said maybe 9pm since I was watching star trek on TV. I wanna finish it. He then said "can we make it at 8:30?" I said OK. Then he asked if I have porn, I said yes but all are man to man hehe. He replied "that will be alright, its my first time to see that thing". In my mind, hmm not for long I can convert him to the other side, I know he is curious and I know deep inside him he wants this, he just wanna be normal and "straight".

"Can we meet at 7pm instead since we're going to watch videos its nice to be early....and besides I have duty early in the morning tomorrow."
Oh my! Its not obvious he was not excited at all!LOL

After a quick shower I was picking my clothes when he sent a message on my messenger saying if I'm ready for him to come. He was so in a hurry to see me! "haba ng hair ko!"

When I opened the door its like deja vu. He was holding red roses and smiling at me...kidding!!! hehe. He was just smiling and wearing a sexy tight fitting sleeveless shirt and that shorts was the killer! it was tight and short-short and his d*ck was so visible on it...bakat na bakat LOL he's really teasing me...and it worked. I was on fire!

Its like our first time, he sat on my bed and we talked for a while and I played the m2m porn on my laptop. We both lay on my bed while he watch, I stroked his lips and his neck and his chest. He put his arms on my shoulders. It felt like I was his. Like we're together, as in together-together!

He look different that moment. I can feel it. Extra caring, extra-sweet, extra-horny...LOL! I kissed him while i was on top. He was hugging me too tight as if he would lose me if he ain't. His fingers are caressing, running lightly on my sides, on my back, on my legs while i was still wearing my clothes on...

I kissed him hungrily, he would kissed me back too as if he's competing with my kisses and my tongue...he just soooo different now...we're like an electrifying...I never been this excited! I don't wanna let go of his mouth as if we don't have tomorrow...

I took off his clothes and he took mine...


This is Laguardia of MTRCB and this part is censored!


Anyway, after more than two hours (tagal nun a!) we were both naked and breathless. He was hugging me and giving me light touches and kisses. Hmmm, now he learned his lessons hehe. It was so powerful. I never experienced it before. I like this moment, everything was so good and romantic in the same way. This doesn't feel like just sex, but it was lovemaking.

The bed almost give up. I feel bad for it.haha

I turned on the light when he was picking up his clothes on the floor. He tried to hide and used the sofa to hid his nakedness.

Before me, was his dark colored skin and firm body...

"Oh, why are you shy?"

He was covering his manhood with his undies on his hands. He looked so cute...and childish.

I laughed.

I know I'm not doing the right thing here. I know you're judging me. But how can be something so bad feel so good????


I kissed him goodbye and left.


JIMG29 said...

egot is your guy; teach him a sodom lesson, lol

Chronicler said...

Now its no longer painful. You're enjoying it in fact. Go, go, go Mac! But pls always play it safe.

Mac Callister said...


@chronicler--hmmm,hmmmm,hmmm, oo nman always playing safe hehe

Anonymous said...

:)speehcless ako

Anonymous said...

wow! i haven't been in your blog for a long while, i miss reading them... i have been busy with school and work but i'm not really missing much, aren't i? haha you and your sexual blog topics... heheeee, have a good one mac!


JR said...

You are such a good writer..I just hope chairman Laguardia is not around in your posts coz I wanna read uncensored details lol...keep it up!

Summer said...

Wow! Lolz.. =D Bitin haha. =D

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Brown Mestizo

marvin said...

nicey! hahaha. landi mo mac! ingat lang...:p

Ming Meows said...


Mac Callister said...


@starfish--buti naman dumaan ka dito!tse!LOL miss na kita din!

@jr--ahaha she threatened to close my blog if i wont allow her to censor daw e LOL!

@summer--chika ko sau sa ym LOL

@marvin--oo im such a slut,kidding!

@ming--asus dami jan sa inyo a !haha

Chris said...

wo! so cold! i 1 too.. :p