September 1, 2009

The Sleep Over

this is the actual beach where we went

I heard the familiar sound of our doorbell, but unlike before, I didn't rush out to open it, I knew who it was...I took my time and I opened the door and there he was again standing on my front door for the 6th time?was it 7?10?crap I lost count!haha.

"pizza delivery sir!" he was wearing his cutest smile while holding the box of pizza he promised me to make.

"wow you really made me a pizza!!!" I'm so excited, finally i will be able to taste the works of this crazy guy that I adore.Its was so good I ate 8 slices and kept the other two for my friends to try it the next day hehe. (mang iinggit lang ako na iginawa ako ni Eros ng pizza hehe)

He took me for a ride and we went to the night market because I told him I needed to buy the longganisa haha, I don't know what has gotten into me that I'm craving for that Pinoy food for the past week! I know what you all thinkin', I'm not pregnant morons!

But to no avail, I cant find it. And for the 8th or nth time travelling together in the street of Doha, he said the famous words "OK, we are officially lost" haha and I will reply it with "what else is new?!just drive and we will find the right way soon,hopefully. LOL" and we will just both laugh about it.

Its my day off that day and its our plan that I will be spending it at his place. Its 1:00 in the morning, he parked at his spot and he guided me to his condo, its my second time here. I checked my pocket to see if I brought my pepper spray in case he do something. Kidding!!! of course I will be a willing victim LOL!!!

He offered me vodka but I refused, I don't want to drink "gasoline" I told him. I went to his bed and lie there and wait for him to join me. Oh wag muna kayo mag isip ng advance di pa kami magsesex!LOL.

We talked and have some nice laughs through the night, we watched some stuffs over the net.Its 4am when we finally decided to go to sleep. Its cold in the room and I was already inside the comforter hugging the big pillow on my side."so you going to hug that freaking pillow over me?" he said teasing.

"i cant sleep without hugging a pillow"

"you can hug me." he said protesting

"no, you're too big to hug!" I continued teasing

He hugged me from the back while I was hugging the pillow at my front! that looks like a threesome to me!

He started kissing me from my nape and towards the side of my lips and I willingly respond, his hands are traveling everywhere, on my arms, on my chest, on my belly and finally down to the land down under and to my tree of life LOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

I cannot control the urge to moan and I faced him and this time I responded to his every kiss and every touch. He undressed me and...


(he will kill me if he find out that I'm sharing every details of it.)

Anyway moving along, haha. The next morning we went to the beach and we stroll and have some pictures together. It was a lovely day and we came back at the city past 4 in the afternoon, he bought some food at the groceries and I cooked rice and we shared a simple and heavy dinner hehe. Did I mentioned that he is too lazy to cook at home?!I mean WTF!

He slept on my side while I was watching "trueblood" on my laptop, I let him take that time to rest I know he is tired and not having enough sleep this past few weeks. I was struggling to understand what I'm watching because the crazy bastard was snoring like a dinosaur!LOL

I woke him up at ten and drove me back home. I have work the next morning.

(see i learned one Italian word already!)


JIMG29 said...


charmedwishes said...

wahhhh! kakainggit! huhuhu.

Nash said...

very cheesy :)

Ming Meows said...

shet, devirginized kana teh! joke!

Basyon said...

Oh geezzz...Muntik na akong malaglag na upuan koh hahaha..Bitin nmn ung story. How dare you! lol ;D
Eeeiii i can't help but to laugh about this post. Anyways, thanks for sharing this great post ever! You really made my day Mac. ;D Hope to see more from you, and i will surely visit your blog always. Have a wonderful day. ;D

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Mac Callister said...

@jimg--haha oo ako sya!

@charmed--thanks for dropping by

@nash--yeah sinabi mo pa!

@ming--censored yan!LOL

@basyon--thank you for appreciating this.balik ka.

Anonymous said...

kaya pala ang ganda ng mood mo kahapon habang kausap kita. hindi mo man lang nai share sa akin. hmp! tampo ako. pero at least happy ka. akala ko bay uuwi yun mga after 3-4 months? basta hinay2 lang. baka naiinlove ka na ngayon. promise tatawagan kita pag dating ko doon.para ma update mo ako sa chismis. hahaha naka roaming ba yung number mo?


marvin said...

aaawww! hayuf! kakilig ah! u finally gave in. hope u'll have a happy ending. this story is too good to be true pero just enjoy every moment. :)

Summer said...

Ouch! Ahahaha.. Kilig to the bones ito Mac. =D Hope it will last, coz i feel that you are happy with him. =D All the best for you Mac. =D

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livingstain said...

hi Mc kumusta ka na jan, pasensya ka na kung ngayon lang ako nakadalaw, isa pa hindi ako nakakabasa ng mga blog mo, kasi naman may tao na sa likod ko. hahahaha...

yaan mo babawi ako...

Solo said...

Eeeiii..Bitin! Gosh, lufet moh. hahaha ;d

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Chris said...

haha.. y censored it?

Zai Zai said...

patuloy ang sweet moments nyo, ang saya :) kakilig! :)

Anonymous said...

naks naman. di ko kinaya ang lahat. haha

Yj said...

see.... it's not rape if someone is willing... hahahahaha

ang landi... hehehehe

Turismoboi said...

landi to the nth power etchioz


MC! try checking recipes online and make ur own longaniza.


line of flight said...

don't get caught.