September 6, 2008

Sasha's not so late b-day celebration

Yesterday i went to ____ City its a two and a half hr commuting from laguna including the traffic to meet my friends,its a late birthday celebration of my friend Sasha last sept 1,she was in singapore at that time so we set the date yesterday instead.

It was so good to see all your old friends,so its was all about catching up with each other and we ate at yellowcab,i loved their ice cream OMG it was so good hehe.Berna told me that she wants me and my ex boyfriend brian to be back together that it will make her happy(she was so close with him when were still together because I used to bring Brian at the hospital when Im on duty)

I told her that I have jaireh already,she asked me if I miss Brian,I didnt answer hehe.A little trivia guys,me and Brian used to be a couple for more than seven months and we broke up last april,I felt a little taken for granted so I broke up with him.

Well,anyway to summarize everything,our little celebration of Sasha's b-day was one hell of a happy and stomach-full day hehe..Happy b-day Sash!!!Ciao!

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