September 16, 2008

Survivor Philippines

I never thought that I will love to watch Survivor Philippines at GMA,I have always been a fan of ABS-CBN reality shows,and now Im surprised they did it look exciting and good!So now Im hooked!haha

And I saw some nice and hot face in the show,especially that guy named JC,the one on blue shirt above,he is 23 a basketball player from San Sebastian University,u have to see him shirtless on the show!hehe.And this guy named John,the guy next to JC.He is 27 from bicol he is a model and guys,u wont believe this,he is an auto-mechanic!my..i wanna have my car broken everytime!hehe.

Survivor Philippines air at GMA channel 7 everyday 10pm hosted by Paolo Bediones after the non-sense Kim San-Soon hehe.Ciao!

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