September 10, 2008

Are u Bi or Gay?

Question:Are you bisexual or gay?whats the difference?Well,according to the dictionary ,you know,I did some research of my own,a bisexual refers to a sexual behavior or attraction to both sexes.While gay or homosexual is characterized by a tendency or direct sexual desire or sexual intercourse towards persons of the same sex.

But in our country,our beloved Philippines,we gave it a different definition hehe,I saw this on the chatroom most of the time,they usually say they are Bi if they are not too gay,meaning,they are not too obvious,that they are manly,and not an inch of a sign that they are gay ,and they say you are gay if you are the opposite!But this I say,what ever it is,it all sounds gay to me!haha

But they say bisexual are those people too afraid to show who they are,that they are homosexual in reality.Closet Queen in other words.But who cares its their choice!

Maybe the best way to understand this is,we are all gay,its a matter of how we present ourselves to the world.Whats important is we know who we are,we know what we want,we know what will make us happy.Whats sad is,if we cant accept who you are,that you still deny who you are,that they did everything to make themselves appear who they are not supposed to.I know some people do.(Those who say they are tripper and those who say they are straight curious?OMG they are gay!hehe)

Before what i know about gay is those who wore make up,wear women clothes,you know the "parlorista"type they say.And some people still do think of that way,they dont know about bi and gay guy.They dont know that gay can like the same gay guy!Like me!hehe,My sister cant believe me when I told her my partner is gay too!haha.She thought that if one is gay,he will choose a straight guy for a boyfriend.Now she was enlightened thanks to me!

Some of gays I know they want to be a bi for a change,they said they cant find a boyfriend unlike bi's,they saw them with another bi and looks happy.But I asked them,can u like someone who u know is gay too?They say I think I'll be a lesbian instead!haha.Anyway thats all for now!Ciao!

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