September 20, 2008

The Spears

I saw a tv interview of Lynne Spears, the mother of Britney Spears this afternoon,she have a book coming out entitled”through the Storm” a memoir of her life and struggles as a mother. During the interview she talked about how it breaks her heart seing Britney, and all that happpend with her, you know the marriage, the pregnancy, the divorce, and the addictions, and Britney being put in the hospital in a stretcher, in a strap, and how people are asking where the hell is Britney”s mother now? What was she doing? all those questions. She said that she wanna forget all of that, and it breaks her heart when one time she was called by Britney on the cellphone crying that she almost fell on the street carrying her son and still the paparazzi are crazy taking photographs of her. And she said that nothing made her shocked than Jaime, her other daughter whose only 16 being pregnant. She said she thought it was just a joke. I was shocked too when I heard that news hehe, anyway she added that Britney winning 3 awards at the recent MTV Video Music Awards including Video of the Year,is what Britney needed, that there was something good happening after all. I saw her that time and I think Britney is looking good now, she looks pretty, and looked confident unlike last years VMA when she performed OMG it was a disaster did you saw that performance? Anyway even though Im not a fan of Britney hope she can come back and rule the world again.Ciao!

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