August 30, 2008

My bad and Good day at the Agency!

Yesterday was hell!!!The agency its name is ABBA Philippines Inc.located at goldloop towers at ortigas center and they are awarded by the POEA as one of the best recruiting agency for 2years,that I applied bound to UAE as a therapist called me last wed and told me that the HR representative will be arriving and i have to be there at friday 8am.So the day comes that i've been waiting and preparing for about a month now(U know all the studying and reviewing my old and dirty notes since college almost gave my allergic rhinitis some comeback due to the dust and smell haha)Although I already working as a therapist for about 5years already its still nice to have some reviewing right?

So,thursday night i went to bed at 12am after i watched one episode of Queer as Folk on dvd,but my goodness i cant sleep and before I knew it its already 4am and my alarm clock was ringing!!!So i went to ortigas with a bad headache!But I got so excited it was only 7am!!haha i still have an hr to kill before the sched interview.

It was then I decided to have breakfast at Jolibee at crossing,and its still almost empty with diners,untill few people comes in,and then I spotted this cute guy with his group i think they are call centers agent,they were wearing their company ID,I mean whats with the ID wearing and all that???But anyway,he was in my direct sight with my table so I feast on him haha(Jaireh its just staring not that Im flirting or something haha)well I recognized some gay moves on him,and made me like him more I like gays!haha,I love the beard too.I can detect whose gay and whose not at the area,I saw many.But I stayed at my table I dont wanna flirt with any1 and besides it not my style haha Im faithful to my wifey Jaireh!!(I know ur thinking wow Mac was a good guy haha well,thank you guys haha)

And about quarter to 8am I went out and took a taxi at shaw boulevard and headed to Escriva drive,and at the lobby of the building I saw a familiar face.its was the former Head RT of perpetual help binan where I graduated and where I spent two weeks of intership!Hes applying fo the same position as I did!(and O my lord he was my competition???but i said to my self I know they will be hiring lots of RT hehe)Thank God he doesnt recognised me.Its was only 8:30 till the agency opened up.

And I dont know if it was my bad day or what but the elevator was in repair!U know what this means?The agency is at the 11th floor!!!!!!!!!!OMG!and so I started climbing the hell I mean stairs and i have to pause every floor bacause Im becoming breathless haha whew Im old haha.

We filled-up the forms and the agency showed some clips from the Al Noor Hospital at UAE where we applying at the screen.And its 8:30 and its 12noon already and RT's are not yet called its was first the (15)radiologist,then the (2)Physical therapist(one them is hot),then (10)medical technologist,and we the (7)respiratory therapist.And so I went to lunch since I know that around late afternoon that we will be called,I went at Megamall have my passport pic taken(the employer required us to have 16copies of that)and ate at jolibee again!!I killed time for about 2hrs and I went back at the agency and its now the PT's turn and OMG I still have a lot of time to wait!!!!so I went to take a nap haha and my saliva are drooling at my table I simply wiped it down and glad nobody noticed(I hoped so) haha.

So to sum it up its was only 8pm till I was called!!Imagine I was there from 8am to 8pm!!!But im glad it was over finally,the interview went good they signed me up with the initial things and i will be called for the exam!!!I went home immediately i'm so sleepy and hungry!i rode the bus bound to alabang and this guy(he is musculine and looks just fine!)I secretly look at him at the side of my eyes hehe..hmm great biceps..he's playing his dick no I mean he's playing his PSP and his arm are so close to mine and our arms are gliding together and he's almost lying in my body that it felt good and I dont know if he knew it or he just ignored it or he's doing it purposely because some of guys I know or had been sitting with me at the same situations will immediately take a distance if other guys will come rubbing the skin with another guys right? !And I prayed pls stay me away to this temptations haha.So I moved a little away from him and when ths bus stop or someone will walk at the isle of the bus they will accidentally pushed him a little close again with me and then we will be super close again!!!And Im glad its now that I have to stand and go its alabang already!

Then I rode the van from festival mall going to laguna and a few minutes more im home at last!!!!!I'll tell u some more details next time I have to watch my Queers as Folk dvd!ciao!!!

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