September 23, 2008

Parade Of Nation?

Yesterday,around afternoon, I was at my room in front of my pc,when my 4 year old nephew shout at me”ninong,ninong may parada!” parade?whats the occasion?then I went out to the door and saw,its really a Parade!haha.And to my surprise it was a gay parade,theres a bunch of them on their nice and colorful costume in different design that they were as if in the Miss Universe parade of nation competition! Then I realize it was part of our coming barrio fiesta which will happen at the 29th of this month.I grabbed my camera and took some of pictures some of them are camera starved OMG,I only take picture of those who catches my attention or some who have a really nice costume but some of the so-so still want me to take their pictures as well!But little they know I erase their pic afterwards hehe.I salute those drag queens,imagine they’ve been humiliated,laughed out,called them different names and yet they still have a nice smile to everyone hehe.

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FiQ OnLinE said...

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