September 16, 2008

Al Noor Hospital

This is the Al Noor Hospital at UAE,the hospital that im applying as a respiratory therapist,they already did an interview with me,hopefully i passed hehe,im scheduled for a written exam this month,im waiting for the date,it was delayed due to their "ramadan"im kinda nervous i really want this job hehe.But im prepared,Im currently studying and reviewing my notes in college(ahm..that was ages ago)
A little trivia:Al Noor Hospital is a Medical-Surgical facility located within the heart of Abu Dhabi City, United Arab Emirates. Created in 1985, the establishment has evolved from a polyclinic into a full-fledged hospital, equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities managed by well experienced multinational, multicultural health care providers, and has since achieved remarkable progress in the health care field.

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