September 24, 2008

The KFC Commercial

When I first saw this commercial on tv I was really laughing my butt out!!!Its so funny and I thought it was so original,whoever thought of this ad Im pretty sure he is gay and it must've come from his real life experience haha.A slight similar thing happend to me years back,when I was at the movie with some of my friends who didnt know that time about the real me(you know being not so straight)or maybe they have speculated but waiting for me to confirm it,the film was a horror thriller something I cant remember the title,and I was so into it,and when a surprising scene came Oh my God I shrill(napatili ako) accidentally!And I can see in the corner of my eyes that they looked at me but i pretend nothing happend,its was so embarrassing!After that I swear to myself that I will never never watch a horror movie with other people!haha

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