September 20, 2008

I like Hair All-over!

These guys are so hottt!The guy with the tattoo is so freaken sexy I've never seen a tattoo so sexy before!But both of them are.But did you notice the difference between the two of them?The first guy is kinda hairy...from chest down to the abs and down to the ahhhh...never mind hahaha and the other is smooth I cant see any body hair,but for me I go with the first guy I always wanted someone with bodyhairs,you know the feeling of being close to that hairybody all over you,adds a lot of sensations..and it leaves you a feeling of suspense everytime I see guys topless when you see those hairs going down inside their pants or briefs haha Oh my,im so lusty!What about you guys?what do you prefer?hairy or smooth?haha.Ciao

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