August 16, 2008

Good and Bad week

Its been a while since my last post,i think its a week since my last,anyway,this is a summary of my week hehe.Last tue i've got a text message from my agency bound to UAE as RT,they tol me that i have to submit my other documents that i failed to submit 3 weeks ago,its about my high school diploma that took me a week to dig from our closet haha,i mean who would ever think that high school diploma till matters,i already submitted my collge diploma which was authenticated by the DFA and CHED right?anyway i obliged naman,together with my high sch diploma is my passport,they asked me to photocopied it,the entire pages!!!even if its still blank!and then i sent it thru LBC at sta.rosa it cost me 110 pesos only hehe.
Last wed,of all the bad news that happend its my cellphone being broken is the worst!i mean my cel is my life!haha.all of my password to any accounts i have is in there!all the phone numbers of my friends,i felt blind when my phone just wont power up!haha i dont know why it happend,the next day i went to the technician and it cost me 700 for the repair,hayyyy..

I bought the season 6 of CSI miami last thursday,its good i like it,but as we all know pirated copies cannot be trusted,my copy was incomplete haha.

My friend Brenda texted me,she said she saw my blog already and shes a little mad at me because its not her picture that she on my first post,its nemy(her mortal enemy),so ill make it up to her im putting her picture now hehe.(hope u are happy inday!)She even told me that my last ex and jaireh are look a like,but i disagree,they are not jaireh is cuter haha!and jaireh is more caring!haha
This week,my brother in law gave his old celphone to us,because he bought a new one i think its n95,so my sister his wife now have his old nokia 6600,and i had his old samsung fliptop fone.
My sister gave the downpayment for her house and lot at Marco Polo subdivision here at cabuyao,its an installment basis,its my plan too when i go to UAE and save money to buy me and jaireh a house of our own,a love nest!haha
Tomorrow,im excited Ac are going to meet Jaireh at the mall to watch wall-e because we loke to see that movie,and jaireh will be sleeping over at our house for the first time hehe,so im kinda excited.Hope tomorrow will be a fun day for the three of us.Ciao!

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