August 11, 2008

Sleeping Habits

I have a hard time sleeping since i resigned from work hehe,well,speaking of sleeping,i have some sleeping habits that i cant live without ,i know some of you too.
One of them is my sponge bob stuff toy,it was a gift from my ex 3years ago,even if we broke up i didnt stop using it i already got used to it eh,i dont wash it or anything i just like its smell hahaha.Weird!

Second,the cottom balls in my ears!I cant sleep without putting them on both of my ears haha,it lessen the noise,because when im sleeping i dont wanna hear anything or might ruin my precious sleep haha.

Third,lots of pillows!i've got pillows on both legs, its a must,i have one on both side of my foot,another one on myleft side and on my right haha

Fourth,my blanket,it has to be placed under my feet,i dont use it,i just want it under my feet haha.weird!

Fifth,i cant sleep without washing my feet 1st!regardless if its already clean or not i must wash it before going to bed haha

And lastly,i must wash my face with a soap then dry,then put on some cream on my face,i know everyone of us is doing this,so this one i dont consider weird haha.

I have this cousin,she cant sleep without a piece of her net(kulambo)on her feet!!!when i found out about it it really made me laugh!!!

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