August 27, 2008

Our Monthsary

Today is a special day,august 27,its our second month together as a couple,me and jai.I know our relationship is still young but everything starts with something right?This is the text message that i received early this morning when i woke-up and read my cel inbox ..
"Gudam bhe.hapi 2nd monthsary!gcing k na miss n kita e.."
I greeted him afterwards.hehe.Its up to us to make it work and longer,my last relationship lasted for only 7 months and its sad to put it to waste and i dont want it to happen now,with my partner now.
Its kinda frustrating that we are not together at this day,due to some reasons,its his exam week and its my interview week to my arabian employer and i have to study hard and secondly,financially.Maybe nextweek we'll celebrate.

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