August 8, 2008

at present bow!

This is my second post,hope i said enough of myself already at my first, this is my reality check hehe.Right now im a bum!i resigned from my work last april 3,to give way for my application abroad,at first im about to get a visit visa going to dubai sponsored by my mom whose already there way back year 2006,but i happend to bumped into this agency at ABBA at ortigas.

Its kinda promising thats why i temporarily postponed my visit visa to dubai and give this agency a chance to fly me at UAE(dubai is in there too hehe)and will give me a job as a therapist,so after a month im still waiting they said Im already on a line-up this august hopefully.

You may ask why living the expectations,well i use that title because my family have expectations of me, a lot..and i sometimes scared that i may not be able to to do what they expect from me..i have a lot of of them is my top priority, go to UAE work as a respiratory therapist there,then buy an iphone hehe,and a laptop too!!!and when i got those two things ill start to save my money and buy myself a new house at villa caceres or somewhere in laguna hehe.

And then after 5years maybe me and my loving partner will live together in that house that i bought and live happily with an adopted cute baby for us to start a family hehe i dont know if it works but i've seen gay couples to have an adopted child..joss my partner dont know yet that i put a blog and put his picture for everyone to see haha he may kill me for this!but its ok he will not see this till nextweek he is at his intership at tarlac..

hmmm,were planning to have our first night in bed nextweek when he comes back,,its been more than a month now and we havent done it yet,i dont wanna rush him yet its his first time..haha he will kill me again with this!!!enough already with the details haha.
I didnt know that being a bum sucks!at first i enjoyed it u know doing nothing..

then i shift to tv,to dvd,to internet and once a week date to my boyfriend,but now im starting to get bored,i used to miss home when im working at the hospital before now im sick of it haha.Im praying that the agency will contact me asap..i wanna go to dubai right away hehe

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