August 18, 2008

Wall-E and Us

hey guys!Yesterday was fun!me and jaireh watched the disney's latest movie,WALL-E.Im so excited to watch it while on the way and it didn't disappoint me!Its A really nice film.The characters are lovable and fun.Especially the love romance between Eva and Wall-E,although its kinda hard to believe that robots can feel love hehe,but who cares?Its fun for the kids and those kid at heart.A little sad though..we cant hold hands at the dark and super cold cinema!The theatre was jam-packed by kids and moms!!!I could imagine there eyes wide-open once they spottted us holding hands!I mean mom usually in our country is more of a conservative types!I mean they dont see a lot of two guys holding hands aren't they?haha

Anyway,back to the movie,I hope that they will do a part two,i wanna know what happend to those fat people who flee earth due to garbage,how they survive the planet after 700 years!

After the movie,we lovers went eating at goldilocks because all of the resto and fastfood are crowded,so we settle for a less crowded place.then we headed home.To my home!haha.Its his first time going to my place,I mean my parents house to meet my dad and sis and her son.Well,they received him pretty fine,my sis was overly accomodating haha.We stayed at my room and had fun!Thats for all now!Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

it was a cute move to see.. full of heart.. hehe..