August 27, 2008

Gay TV shows

Later this afternoon,around 4pm (because i woke-up 3pm already due to watching gay porn on the net haha)i wento to the county to buy my medicine because i've got allergic rhinitis thanks to the pollution in our country my doctor said maybe the permanent cure is to live at the US i laughed when he said that,as if its that easy!but maybe he is right afterall,some of my friends whose having frequent asthma attack when they still live here,and when they moved to the US,the attacks are very minimal.Anyway,going back to my story,i bought the medicine that i think i always take every week,cost me 200pesos,and i decided to make a follow-up call to my agency because they told me that at the end of august that the UAE employer will be coming to interview applicants in their hospital,bacause im applying for a respiratory therapy position,i asked them is there a date for the interview yet?they said,not yet sir,but we will contact u once the date is set..i just said thanks and bye.hmmm all i have to do is wait again!I really want this job at UAE,u know the high salary,i wanna buy a house for me and my boyfriend so that we will have a lovenest for good hahaha.

After that i went to the mall and decided to buy some nice dvd,Im a sucker for tv series in the US.I've seen a lot of good series one of then was about gay relationships as i could relate to,one of my all time fave is "brothers and sisters" they have a character there named Kevin Walker who is gay and one of the brothers,the kissing scene between him and some bf was so nice and wonderful!Its kinda romantic in a way i dont know i just love his character.Im excited to catch their next season due this september.

And since I have the Brothers and sisters gay mood,a chatmate of mine said that i should watch the 'Queer as Folk" series that its all about gayness and love and everything and so i look for it!and I finally found a copy its from season 1 to 5 the complete package im so excited im about to watch it after i write this hehe.

On the other side though,Jaireh and I havent text each other a lot lately,he said he's busy due to exams this week,well,i just thought a single text may mean a lot to me.Should I be warned by this?haha


brenda said...

I've seen some of the bro and sis episode and i also saw that one kissing scene with kevin and his bf.hope ill see some more episode of them replay n kasi lagi yun nasa studio23 e

Anonymous said...

yah i know queer as folk i like it too