June 17, 2009

Cleaning Out

My agency informed me last week that my working visa is already available, meaning they have already corrected the error on my surname. So I'm good to go haha. Finally, the long wait is over. I went at the agency at Makati to confirm it and they told me that they are only waiting for my plane ticket and that I will be flying next week around June 22 onwards.

I started preparing for my stuffs, I bought a cheap and dependable laptop so that when I get there I can talk to my family and friends.(because i cant bring my ancient personal computer!LOL) You know to avoid homesickness. The laptop will keep me busy including blogging. Last Monday me and my sister went at SM to look for a suitcase, I had fun choosing haha, we also bought some of my personal belongings like underwear,socks, toiletries etc.

I did a checklist of what else to bring, I hope I can cover them all within this week .Tonight, I cleaned my room and put all of my things and documents on labeled boxes and some went directly onto the trashcan. Gosh I didn't realize I have so much garbage on my room!haha. Well, blame it on my habit of not throwing everything up and thinking i might use it someday. Now its payback time. The clutter.

I stumbled upon some of my gay porn magazines and DVDs!haha. Tons of them! I could make my own library and video rentals if I want to! Those were the days! I remembered travelling for like an hour and disguising myself so that people won't recognize me that I'm buying these gay "entertainment" LOL! I was laughing while flipping the pages when I saw some stains on it!!!

It's embarrassing if my dad or sister will find this by accident when I'm gone in the house! Good thing I made this cleaning schedule today! I immediately took the magazines outside and burned them one by one.My annoying sister saw me and said "what the hell are you doing? What are you burning here??" I immediately hid the remaining dirty magazines at once haha. But knowing her, she caught my hand and saw it.

"Oh My Gawddddd! You pervert!!!"

"Shut up!They are old and I'm getting rid of them now!"

"No. Don't you feel bad burning them?!....look at this guy's d*@k!!!!"

"No. I'm done with magazines and DVD, I'm high tech now, I have porn sites on the Internet!" LOL

"Wait, let me keep the magazines, I will look at them later and hide them under my bed"

"You little pervertttttttttttttt" and she walked away carrying my magazines.

I had a hard time disposing the DVDs and their cases though, I don't wanna throw them just like that, some people might see the images on the covers,(pati sa basurero nahihiya ako!) so I wrapped them on old newspapers and put them under some of my big trash. Problem solved! My room is now wholesome!LOL!!!!My nephew can use this room once I'm gone next week.

Now, I'm busy organizing my files and transferring them from my old PC on this new laptop haha.I also have to leave this computer wholesome,you know! I do regret erasing some good porn downloads I did few years back. They're my favorite!huhuhu. Tomorrow I will wear black to mourn them!LOL. And FYI:I cant bring those files at Qatar. Porn are prohibited there! Even those stuff saved on your cellphone!

Homosexuality are not allowed too. But I've been told you have to do it discreetly and you will be fine. Hayyyyyy...away from home, family, friends, no boyfriends, no flings, and now...no porn. I don't know if I could even update my Macsteamy blog! hahaha.These are the things I need to sacrifice for money!LOL.

Anyway, see you next time peeps!

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Turismoboi said...

magblablack ka tlaga?

naloka ako dun ah!

Rachel said...

Nakuh paalis ka na pala =<

Jeremy said...

Goodluck on the new career path!

rik32miles said...

Hayan...binoto na kita...ano ba yan kinakarer mo na yang botohan na yan.

We have the same problem when it comes to dvd...hahhaha magtayo na nga lang tayo ng rental shop...specializing in Gay porn..hehe

Tizzz said...

"I was laughing while flipping the pages when I saw some stains on it" ----> u naughty2. LOL

btw, ur sister so funny.

Anonymous said...

Ako, may comment ako!!!! hahahaha. mac, aalis na rin ako!!! hahaha tinawagan na ako ng mga bosses ko to prepare. BAHRAIN nga lang ako.. Actualy theyre here in the Philippines looking for bands.. . sige, lets keep in touch na lang... ill be leaving end of this month or early next month. Ill be performing at Crowne Plaza Bahrain, Manama.

Sa mga readers dito na taga Bahrain, isa lang masasabi ko... "The Bitch is Back" hahaha.

Goo Luck Mac and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

good luck and have a safe trip!..ganun din ginawa ko when i left philippines two years ago....maraming basura....and it took me a week to finish...kasi nman maraming mga invites in between...
ingat kaibigan.....

Bryan Anthony said...

hey, where are you moving exactly, i missed on the previous posts kasi... i used to be an OFW and it'll be a tough.. say 6 months. so better brace yourself.

tough it out buddy.


Mac Callister said...

@turismoboi--haha oo kmga 1 week!LOL

Mac Callister said...

@rachel--yeah i've been waiting for this for the longest time na e hehe.thanks for being here,balik ka ha hehe.

@jeremy--hey thanks!

@rik32--talaga?salamat my friend!hehe buti naman sinipag ka mag comment ngayon hmmmmp!hehe

Mac Callister said...

@tizz-hehe yeah its becomes sticky LOL

@stainedheart--wow bongga!pareho na tayo aalis my friend!goodluck to us!

@blu--thanks my friend!ang hirap mag let go ng mga gamit LOL.

@bryan anthony--talaga?yeah im preparing my self na for the coming days in the foreign country


Dejavu. LOL!

I can remember the things I burnt 6.5 years ago. ha! ha!

Yj said...

eh kasi kung pinamigay mo nalang eh...


RONRIC said...

bon voyage.. buti na lang ako di nag iipon ng gnun hehehe..

laptop ko..ok na skin..

Anonymous said...

goodluck macmac.

blogging would really help you kill time. :p

Mac Callister said...

@KJ--hahaha u did the same thing before????bakla nga tayo LOL!

@YJ--haha d ko alam kanino ibibigay kun pwde nga lang sa mga namamalimos ginawa ko na LOL

@ronric--wow!baka straight ka?LOL

@flamin--yeah sana nga hehe

MC said...

Ingat sa flight mo MAC and sa Qatar. Mag-behave ka ha baka makulong ka gaya ng nangyari sa 72 people sa Saudi Arabia. lol

Have a nice and safe trip!

Zai Zai said...

I had to burn porn mags as well. it was so sentimental. nag all black ako with matching belo. hehe. adik.

anyways, good luck! have a safe trip. rock qatar!! :)

livingstain said...

ingat ka don mac... pag napunta ako saudi pasyal tayo

Mac Callister said...

@MC--haha wag naman sana LOL!ano nga ulit bago mo link?

@zai zai--jusko andami ko pala katulad!LOL

@livingstain--yeah kita kita tayo dun hehe

Anonymous said...

ingat ka... ;)

Mac Callister said...

@dhyoy--salamat hehe