June 6, 2009

Live With It!

Have you heard this somewhere?

"E sa ganon ako e, ano magagawa ko?!!!(that's how I am, what can I do!)"

I heard this line many, many times, and it never fails to turn me off. When ever I'm dating someone or if he's my boyfriend and say those words. I don't know about most of you, but I don't like this line. I used to say that before when I was younger. But I only pushed people away. You need to make adjustments, you need to change for the better, especially if that attitude of yours are bad and people cant stand it.

Some people say, if I change, that's not me anymore. But what if you're hurting others?What if that attitude only makes u alone?what if it makes people hate you? I'm not saying that you change yourself, but at least try to lessen it specially if you can do something about it.

Let me tell you this, I used to be a super jealous/demanding boyfriend, and its all causing my relationships to end. No one can stand it.I cant keep a relationship longer.I did question my self and found out its not healthy. I tried to change little by little.And I did.

Change is good.Change for the better.We need to grow up and improve ourselves.

I have a co-worker before and she's so bossy and have this "I know-it-all" attitude, every one hates her and no one wants to be her partner. We talked to her and she said "e sa ganon ako, wala ako magagawa!" we just rolled our eyeballs and just ended the talk.Its useless. No one wanted to be friends with her till now.

I had an ex-bf, we don't see each other much and he's so insensitive, he didn't call much, didn't text much, when he did, he seldom speaks! Like I'm talking to a statue or a mute person!!!I don't feel like I have a boyfriend at all. But he said he loves me, but I cant feel it. I need more than words. Are you getting me peeps?hehe.

He added: this is me...I don't really text or call, but it doesn't mean I don't love you.(huh no text/call for two or three days??!are you kidding me?LOL) I broke up with him.I hope he finds someone who can live with it!LOL Com'on you could do better than that! at least make your presence felt helloooooo!

This is also the same with person with sarcastic remarks every time you talk to him, or someone who have the "I don't care what you think,I'll say what ever I wanna say" attitude even if its too offensive or unnecessary.

And they all say:

"E sa ganon ako e,wala ako magagawa!"

And this is what I can say...Well, good luck on that!LOL!!!!


Earthling Chic said...

I super, like super hate this line!! Minsan, hndi nga sinasabi syo, pero yun naman ang pinapakita, so the same thing lang, argh. I hate it hehehe. Ayun..

Btw, I think I made earthlingchic.com recently lang and I'm near a $$$ na!! haha :) I would share lots of good tips pa.. Adsense is really great hehe, so don't lose hope on it. I have entries of where you can join to make money big time hehe

stainedheart said...

Ako din meron akong kaibigang ganyan... at first, merong pa "BUZZ2x" over YM tapos "Hi" "Hello" may dagdag na "MUSTA" pa... tapos bigla nlng mawawala. sigh. Wala tayong magagawa....ganyan talaga sya eh.... Ang Tanong:Sino kaya yun??

Well, si MAC lang ang mkakasagot.


stainedheart said...

Diba sabi mo, mag comment ako sa mga TOP Blogs....o eto na, nag comment na ako...Anyway mac, hope you can post a reaction on what we've discussed about gay men in the middle east.

yun lang.. mwah!


JIMG29 said...

humans are inately assholes whether you admit or not, and no matter how you guide them, lead them, and show them the way, they'd go back to their own ways. only an ample lenght of solid ropes are good enough to rehabilatate these kinds of people. and that includes moi!

Mac Callister said...

@earthling chic--oh thats good i would love to know much about that!

@stainedheart--hoy ako ba yunnnn??ganun ba ko????

hmmm,hamo pag naisipan ko ng maganda entry un about dun sulat ko sige.hoy bawas bawasan mo nga yang kadaldalan mo tse!

@jimg29--i agree haha including you?hehe

flamindevil said...

hindi mo rin naman mapipilit ang taong magbago

gradual change is better..hindi pwedeng sapilitan

even if you really love somebody,change because you want to, not because you have to.

just my two cents. :p

StarFish said...

haha... this blog isn't about you, i hope :) hehee....

have a good weekend!

blurosebluguy said...

tama ka ang pagbbago ay mahalaga lalo na sa ikagaganda at ikakaunlad ng isang tao sa alin mang antas ng kanyang buhay. people who do not want to change aged fast!

dhyoy said...

minsan kailangan mo din makasama hindi dahil sa ganon ka at walang magagawa ang iba...

hmp... kaloka mga taong ganyan... ang sakit sa bangs


Mac Callister said...

@flamindevil--yeah unti unti


@blu--hehe tama ka!ayoko nga tumanda agad!LOL

@dyoy--tama ka jan imbyerna din tuloy bangs ko LOL!

bampiraako said...

Walang kwenta ang ganitong mga tao! lol.

Kung ayaw nila, di wag. Ako siguro, minsan lang ako magiging crazy to win someone or suyuin ang isang tao. Pag ginawa ko na ang lahat at sanito sasabihin sa akin, bahala ka sa buhay mo ang magiging reply ko.

Summer said...

True! Change is good! Change is for the better. Pero ang mga taong la pakialam is so kaloko..hahaha
Ganda ng post..hehe=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

RONRIC said...

wahh.. wla ako makomment.. padaan na lang..

stupidient said...

paano ako mag-iiwan ng bakas dito, hehe. dito na lang. Opo taga lipa po ako

cb :: 林偉文 said...

i suppose there's a special place down there for people who have been warned but refuse to change because 'they just can't.' hehe

bago ba template mo? nice ha!

Jonathan said...

6 months without a wank?!?!?!?!? I doubt I could go 6 hours lol