March 29, 2011

Are You Kidding Me????

I was inviting R.A to visit the Marine festival with me in the city, thought, it could be another way to spend time with him and he said: OK LANG. Its not a yes or its not a NO either I assumed. So I told him, OK then lets go there later since both of us are off!

"I don't have enough money left, let's wait for the payday"

"oh come on, you still owe me a dinner hehe!" --me

"its true. i don't have enough to go out this week."

"I'm bored today, I'll take care of it. Just come with me" I insisted

And then he signed out on Face book without giving me a confirmation! he did it again! Damn him! I tried to call his cellphone but he wont pick up.

OK, fine. He's avoiding me.

I won't bother him again. As in ever again! asar na asar ako!

Magpapa-miss ako! tignan natin kundi nya ako hanapin!tse!

Many days have passed and we haven't seen each other. A good thing, I must say. Fate was helping me to move on. (parang nag-break up?LOL)

But not last Friday morning! We have the same duty! I spotted him as soon as I entered the ICU. He was busy with his documentations. I carry on with my job and pretend I'm not noticing him. I told my partner that I don't wanna go near him (he knew I like R.A) that he should help me to avoid him haha. sabwatan ito!

Everything works well until my partner got busy and I have no choice but to check the file of R.A's patient myself!

I quietly took and open the files while he was busy writing, he looked at me as soon as he felt my presence.

"uyyy, nag morning shift siya..." he said smiling.
(you're on morning shift)

"oo nga e..." (yeah) that's all I said to him. He's acting as if we're OK, hmmp! I still hold a grudge against him kaya. Pretending I was not interested in talking further and moved on to the next patient.

After a few minutes I was checking the medicines few meters away from him and he suddenly called me.

" think we'll have the salary tomorrow?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe". and I continued on my work. And why is he asking me about payday tomorrow? Is he going to invite me out finally tomorrow if salary is available?


One time I was fixing the personal protective gown for the isolation patients when he jokingly pulled out its tie and I looked around and saw him silently laughing while walking away.

In my mind, I thought: Papansin siya huh. Tsk tsk tsk. (he's trying to get my attention since I'm not giving it to him on purpose) I smiled.

An evil smile!

I was bragging to my friends how successful my plan was on R.A! that finally he noticed it and he's the one making those efforts now for me to notice him this time. Yeah! Success!

On our second rounds around lunch time. I was on the phone and he was at the computer that we were so close and no one was around...I don't know what came to me and my emotions took over and I said the words that I have been keeping inside since last week!

"Hoy R.A! May atraso ka sakin". --me.
(hey R.A. You did something bad last time)

Damn! what happened to my plan????Shit! shit!

"Wala kaya... (I don't think so)" he said while smiling innocently. He knows what I'm talking about.

"Of course you know what I'm talking about...You left me at the chat room and you're not answering my call!"

"I don't have phone credits, that's why..." he continued and went back to his patient. But I followed him. I'm not finish with my interrogations yet!LOL

He was checking his patient's I.V but I kept on going: "you don't need credits to answer my call!"

"really?" he's still playing stupid.


"so tell me...why you're not answering my calls?"

He moved to another part of the bed. The patient was looking at us, maybe wondering what's the fuss all about haha. But I kept on following the moron (R.A).

"ano ka ba? nag tatrabaho ako hehehe" he said while pushing me a little to back off. He was still laughing at my persistence.

I'll go where he'll go. He cannot escape me!

He squat at the side of the bed and I squat with him too while he was checking the patient's urine bag and measuring it. I looked around and saw my partner smiling at us. Maybe he thought I was weird hahaha!

"You're avoiding me aren't you? tell me...that's why you're not answering my call?"

"I did not hear your call that's why...and besides I told you I don't have enough money left. Let's wait for the payday..." he explained.

"I told you too that we don't need more money to go the festival! Its free!"

"If we have salary tomorrow, maybe....and besides, I think the festival's finished since yesterday!"

"No. its extended till end of the month. For us!". LOL. I continued on convincing him.

"really?" and he looked at his new female colleague and said:"you wanna come? the festival he said is extended..."

WTF????are you kidding me? I wanna scream that to his face! He wants to bring this new nurse with us? On our date?!

I just walked out on him and left the unit! F*ck him!

Hay...poor Mac, no one wants to love him...Charot!


Ms. Chuniverse said...

pangatawanan mo na lang ang lifetime na pang deadma 'teh.

may darating pa.


Louie said...

Awwww! But me thinks he's just trying your patience. Bibigay din yan :D

Ming Meows said...

wag na kasing ipagpilitan teh.

Ryan said...

Ang taray. Hahaha. Feel na feel ko ang pagkaasar mo. Huggers. :)

Kane said...

Sounds like he's hot and he's cold... he's yes and he's no... he's in and he's out ...

OOohhhh tough Mac. What do we do with these men. You should have a plan B.


Nimmy said...

nagpapataas ng market value si R.A. sayang hindi ka nakapagpigil Mac! ok na sana ung plan mo eh. :)

hard2getxxx said...

snub mo din siya or hanap ka na ng iba

kung ayaw niya eh di hwag may mahahanap ka din na masgwapo at mashot sa kanya

di siya para sa yo

KikomaxXx said...

haha karelate ako kay RA... go RA.. hehehe

marvin said...

that's right, mac. f*ck him! like, f*ck him big time! hahaha. i think u should change your approach...baka u come across as overbearing sa kanya. slacken off a bit. :))

soltero said...

ohhhh.hhmmm i think he's not one of us cguro...baka nararamdaman nyang you really like him..

cool ka lang muna :)

Mac Callister said...

@ms.chuni--yun na nga plano ko haha

@louie--ewan ko, nainis na ko e bahala na siya!

@ming--oo nah!tse!LOL

@ryan--sinabi mo pa,san ka nakakita date namin magdadala ng alalay!

Mac Callister said...

@kane--i dont have a plan b haha!bahala na siya sa buhay nya,kung gusto nya ko siya naman maghabol noh!

@nimmy--oo nga minsan kasi nagiging impulsive ako!nag sisisi tuloy ako sa huli

@hardtoget--may tama ka!

@kiko--at bakeeeet???hmppp!hahah

@marvin--maybe, feeling ko nga first time nya maligawan ng kagaya ko e hahaha kaya parang di nya alam pano gagawin!LOL

@soltero--I think he one of us,ramdam ko siya as in ramdam ko ng PLU siya~hehe. uy mag aasawa ka na talaga????waaaaaaaaaaaa!

rising mark said...

ako na lang nga kasi. =)

Mac Callister said...

@risingmark--hahaha asan ka kasi umpisahan mo na!chos!

Anonymous said...

i've been reading ur blog for almost 2 years now and i really wanted to comment but hesitation kept me from doing it, and now reading ur last thread im totally into it, at palagay ko pareho tayo ng ugali kaya i dont want to miss ur blog, im here working in Qatar hopefully makita kta jan sa ***** hospital. nwayz natutuwa ako sa entry mo ngayon & im looking forwad you & R.A. the love will also in the same predicament, that's why kinikilig at naiinis din ako kay R.A. hehehe..


Mac Callister said...

@the cure--really san ka dito?why not visit me at the hospital (by the way dont say where I work LOL!baka dumugin ako ng mga fans!joke!)i would love to meet you too.

with R.A,titigilan ko muna pangungulit ko sa knya mukhang magulo pa mundo nya ngayon e hahaha.Bahala na muna siya sa sarili nya!chos!

add me at yahoo messenger if u