March 14, 2011

A Date With R.A

It was 3 in the afternoon and I checked my phone for the 3rd time if R.A left any messages, but none, I'm afraid he might cancel our date later today. Last night I've told him thru text that we're gonna see each other at 5 in the afternoon, but no reply, all night I've waited...I tried to go back to sleep but could not.

Eventually, di ako nakatiis...I sent an sms message:

"Why are you not replying my messages?"

I told my self, if he still not gonna reply, I'll consider it cancelled. Fortunately after a few minutes my phone vibrates:

"Sorry, I just woke up..."

I made a deep sigh of relief. I typed in and sent him a reply:

"I'll meet you at 5pm at the lobby and we'll go to the Villagio (a special mall here in Doha where the ceilings take your breath away, with its majestic representation of the blue sky outside. an a fake river at the heart of the mall.)".

"OK" his final text.

I ate my late lunch and think of something not too casual to wear for our first date, I don't wanna look overdressed or too casual, if he ever considers this a date after all! We'll, I do! LOL

I changed clothes 3 times and decided to go with my v-shaped Armani black shirt and topman faded gray skinny jean. I matched it with a black dog tag necklace from river island. I checked my self once again on the mirror and... danced with excitement!LOL

I waited for him at the lobby of our building, I was 10 minutes earlier. Atat lang? then I heard someone approaching, making annoying sound as he walk...and when I finally saw who it was...its Egay! my colleague!

"oh Mac! you're going somewhere??" he said

"yeah. at the villagio"

"with whom?" he noticed that I'm waiting for someone.


"you slut! who is it this time ha?" he insisted on knowing who it is.

"just go and do your own thing OK!"

"No. I'll stay and wait who you're going out with!"

Then R.A appeared and I saw Egay's wide smile as he tried to leave us. For sure he would broadcast it to our department tomorrow! grrrrr!

R.A was wearing almost identical clothes with mine! both black and faded jeans and we're both wearing the same dog tag hahaha! good thing I didn't wear my nerdy eyeglasses!

Inside the cab, I wanna hold his hand and give him light kisses on his lips..but I didn't. Or else he would jump out of the car or the driver might hit the break instantly!

I content my self with playing innocently and accidentally touching his arms and pasimple simpleng pag akbay...masaya na ko dun...hehehe.

I also found out he likes Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton! Yuckyyyy! asar talo siya sakin!

He did much of the talking, I just listen and laugh most of the time. He loves to share his stories. I think he's an old fashioned guy. We ate at T.G.I Friday's and had back ribs and steaks and chicken wings and shrimps and salmon. It was a nice dinner though. I love talking to him. He looks too childish with his eyeglasses and braces whenever he remembered something funny and laughed.

Then the pinoy waitress approached me and said:

"sir, please don't get mad if I ask you something..."

For a brief moment, I was speechless and nervous for what she might ask! Could it be she noticed that we're extra sweet to each other and wanna know if we are actually a couple????

"what is it?" I then asked.

"Can I see your wristwatch? Can I ask where you got it?"

Oh. That's my first reaction haha. I thought it was something else. I told her its from Toywatch and left us.

R.A don't wanna see a movie at the Imax, he said he don't like the films being shown. I was disappointed of course. I wanna spend more time with him, and my evil plan involved touching his hands on the dark corners of the cinema! LOL

We've just entered the amusement park and checked out their amazing rides. We've sat at the bench where we could talk a little. I sat so close to him and put my arms at the back of the bench almost on top of his broad shoulders...from time to time I was touching his shoulders sending him intimate carnal signals hahaha!

On our way out of the mall I saw my friend's Ric and his wife Reen and their closeted gay friend Al whom they are talking about! Oh Lord, he's cute!LOL

Ric was teasing me that me and Al look great together without knowing that R.A is my date! and placed us beside each other as they took us home. I was in the middle of Al and R.A! hahaha. Al was so nice and actually "gay".

When we got to our building towards the lift, I asked R.A if he wants to come up at my unit and spend some more time. He said "I think, I'll pass". I just smiled and said goodnight...

Now I was left confused and disappointed, I thought I'd get laid tonight!LOL. Maybe he found my invitation too fast? Kidding aside, I really like R.A, if I wanna be with someone, I want it to be him... insert bruno mars' song GRENADE:

I'll catch a grenade for yah...throw my hand on a blade for yah...I'd jump in front of a train for know I'd do anything for yah...I would go thru all this pain...take a bullet straight thru my brain...yes, I would die for yah baby...But you won't do the same...

Yeah, thanks Bruno...I don't know if he would do the same.

I still don't know whether he's just looking for a friend or what. I never ask him directly what his feelings about me, so I don't want to conclude yet. nakikiramdam palang ako kumbaga. Let's just wait and see...It's just our first date anyway.

I called up Ric after a few minutes and asked about Al!!! LOL


Kane said...

Dating can be sooo stressful. You never know what you're getting. Good luck kiddo =) Hope you bag him.


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

hindi ko alam kung alin sa 2 ito ang aking sasabihin sa'yo:

1. wag kang mawalan ng pag-asa, una palang naman,, malay mu. bsta don't give up!!

2. isa kang KIRINDOT!!!!

wv: gravee <gravee ka talaga!! LOL!)


Nimmy said...

ooooh. my braces si kuya.... :)

Mac Callister said...

@kane--sinabi mo pa!kaka stress talaga...hayyyy. salamat sa pagdaan dito!

@ceiboh--naks ok na sana una comment e, sinundan pa ng kirindot!ano yun????hahaha!

@nimmy--ang sarap nga titigan ng manipis nyang lips e...tamis tamis cguro nun LOL!

Virex said...

hehe... ok na yang ganyan.. sabi mo nga, he is old fashioned, so maybe he wants to take thing slow..

Anonymous said...

ahahaha.. ikaw na ang gustong magpagahasa first date pa lang.. ahahaha

marvin said...

2 words - malandi kah! hahaha! take it slow. enjoy the kilig moments. yun lang for now. :))

KUMAGCOW said...

no comment po... ayoko po makasakit ng damdamin LOL

Mac Callister said...

@virex--naisip nga ng mga friends ko yun hehehe

@kikomaxx--e siympre di naman ako pinanganak nun unang panahon noh!LOL..pero para sa knya magpapaka sinauna ako :-)

@marvin--di naman ah!haha...pero kilig nga ko as in!

Mac Callister said...

@kumag--at baket ano nasa isip mo sabihin????kainis to!hahaha

excile said...

It's always exciting in the begining isnt it. I like your writing style. Thanks for sharing

Ming Meows said...

bibigay din yan. tyagaan mo hehehe.