March 6, 2011

My UK Experience (part 2)

I was awaken by my phone's alarm the next day. It was 7 in the morning. I slept very well on my hotel room, thanks to the heater which works perfectly on this cold weather. I lazily took a shower and get dressed. Yesterday, I was wearing black, but today, the theme of my white...snow queen... I told myself and laughed on my reflection on the mirror. ganda ko!

And when I looked outside my window, it was raining real hard!! Waaaah! not now! I'm wearing my white outfit! I cannot change now, I have no back up plan, so panindigan ang pag puti-putian hehehe!

We had our free breakfast: eggs, ham, toast bread, butter, and tea, which was the same as yesterday and the next and the next!LOL. I mean come on! They served the same thing every f*uckin day!

I feel good and excited today. My 3rd day to London. Our plan is to visit as much as many places as we can that we failed to do yesterday. Since it was raining, me and ate Eliza, the Filipino nurse I was with, she's 53,same age as my mom, shared her umbrella, unfortunately after a few minutes her heavy black jacket got soaked in the rain that it started to mess with my white outfit! nahawahan ng kulay ng jacket nya un suot ko! waaaah!

Not only that, she started complaining about walking. That her jacket was so heavy. That her boots are painful. That her legs are not cooperating. Her bag is too small and that white bag also got broken, that we need to find a new one blah-blah. At first I tried to understand her, but eventually I run out of patience! She totally annoys me in the end!

I told her to get rid of that outrageous jacket! its ugly anyway! her boots? I told her not to wear it anymore, she's complaining about how painful it is on her foot since yesterday but she still wearing it today! Maygash! Her legs? because she's wearing three layers of tights underneath her skin tight jeans! for pete's sake how could she really move with all of that?! She c0mplains about everything! hayyyy!

We found her a shoe store and she did bought a new pair of boots that will comfortably make her walk. I found myself a pair of sunglasses too from Italian designer, Trussardi and Laura Biogiotti! they're on sale!!! ang saya ko!

there's a tomb inside this church, some duke or earl or something hehe

Our first destination was the church near Hyde park which I forgot the name, sorry, I'm not religious kasi!LOL. Then we checked out Kensington Palace and gardens where Queen Victoria and Princess Diana used to live and other Princess. Then walk walk walk...Hyde Park, with its breath taking view and lake with swans and birds...walk walk walk again, and ate Eliza was breathless! LOL

OK we paused like every 3 minutes! hellooooo!

The Albert Memorial at Hyde Park

It was so tall and high, I wonder if its true gold...hmm

We also saw the Princess Diana memorial gardens, and the Albert memorial. Ate Eliza asked me to stop for a while for her to sit and rest...I just sighed and tried to understand. One piece of advice: don't bring an elderly person on your trip next time! LOL

pa-cute at the Kensington Palace

at the Kensington garden

at the lake at Hyde Park

royal albert hall

On the way to the subway, we passed by the Victoria and Albert museum, I got so excited that I left ate Eliza somewhere and let the arts consumed was fascinating. My favorite part of the display are the jewels and the crowns for royalties. Too bad pictures are not allowed on that room.

This is an actual tomb of husband and wife

Part of our plan was to visit Buckingham palace, London bridge and the tower of London, but due to ate Eliza's condition I decided not to go on with it, and besides its already dark and we won't be able to appreciate them anymore. I was too disappointed. But what else to do. She cannot walk anymore and I cannot leave her by herself. I just thought of my mother who is the same age as her hehe.

We've decided to go back to Oxford street to finish our unfinished shopping spree and souvenir hunting. Ate tons of Filipino foods with pork once again and went back to the hotel for tomorrow afternoon is our flight back to Doha city.

This is me, waiting for some British guy to pick up and to take home! LOL!


ZaiZai said...

bonga ang UK tour! enjoy and stay safe :)

Mac Callister said...

@zaizai--hey thanks!i really enjoyed that trip!

marvin said...

aray koh! sumakit ang bagang q kay ate eliza! kakulet at andaeng complain! nakaka-drain ng paxenxa. hahahaha! pero envious aq s trip n toh ha!!! :))

Anonymous said...

wahehhe.. ayan may part 2 pa talaga ang akala ko eh work ang pinunta.. waheh joke lang chong... :)

Ming Meows said...

maganda pero nakakaboring ang puro "monuments".

Virex said...

hehe.. daming pics!!! mukang super ganda dyan ah kasi kahit saan ka pumunta maganda makikita mong buildings etc.. gusto ko tuloy makapunta din dyan..