April 4, 2011


All signs leads to only one conclusion:

He's just not into me.

He's hiding on face book and if we're chatting, he would just leave, and won't take my calls every time I tried to talk to him. He's saying no indirectly on my invites to go out.

Yeah. I think R.A is rejecting me. I'm rejected. Lets say it all together now. Rejected.

Sa madaling sabi: Basted ang Mac...(insert hysteric cry...)

I wanna die.....


So, I thought to myself. OK, fine, go on with your life and hang yourself when you can't take it anymore! hahaha.

Henywayz, due to stress, I've gained weight, slight :-) been eating too much lately. Been becoming emo lately too. Pero I know this shall pass too. All I need is a good porn! chos!

For 5 days, I've been avoiding R.A na, kung ayaw mo wag mo ang drama ko haha. Yes! Ampalaya ako! nuknukan ng pait!

Well, I'm trying to avoid him. Just being casual and polite towards him. I don't have a choice, I don't wanna be way too close with him and get hurt, right? So, I have to keep my distance and keep off the grass!LOL

Its funny seeing Darkguy and R.A and me on one ICU, working together...my past and my supposedly future! Toink!

(wala silang kamalay malay that Darkguy and me used to f*ck! take note: USED TO.)

My colleague told me that R.A asked him:

"galit sakin 'yang kasama mo noh? (refererring to me)"
(your partner hates me, isn't?)

O, di ba atleast kunyari affected siya!

Sigh, my love life sucks! Can someone just come along and save me? :-)

Jan na nga kayo makakanta nalang sa videoke ng I just need somebody to love ni justine bieber LOL

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hard2getxxx said...

ouch! oh well its better to ignore him din. at makakahanap ka din ng para sa yo.

~Carrie~ said...

Ouch :(

~Carrie~ said...


Anonymous said...

first of june...

Kane said...

ahhhhh.... i guess it's better this way than for him to lead you on. There will be other men =)


JR said...

sige na nga hugs na kita! kaya yan! :-) ipakilala mo sa akin si R.A. na yan at tuturuan ko ng leksyon! charot! haha

Désolé Boy said...

you can hang yourself, you can die, you can be ampalaya, you can avoid him.
do whatever you want Mac. but you'll be fine. just take it easy. ;)

Anonymous said...


just don't mind them.

someone is out there waiting for u! :D

Ming Meows said...

marami pang lalaki sa mundo

Jpy Dee said...

ganun talaga mak. hindi lahat ng gusto natin eh mapapasakamay natin.

tikman mo na lang siguro sya bago mo tuluyang kalimutan. LOL

Mac Callister said...

@hardtoget--thats what im doing,for the better :-)

@carrie--ouchness talaga hehehe

@rising mark--what about first of june?

@kane--yeah hangggat maaga pa iwasan na....san na kaya siya?LOL

@JR--hugs lang?hmmp!LOL

@DB--hehehe saya ko naman nag comment ka!charot!

@mr.chan--i know....thanks :-)

@ming--tom0h ka teh!

Papa Jay said...

Times like these (sa ngayon), 4 words lang ang katapat niyan: Rolling in the Deep :)


Dahil di ko kaya ang ganda ng boses ni Adele, iniimagine ko na ako na lang malupit na nag-d-drums.


Anonymous said...

di ba? FOJ, coming home. for me, for us... and it's my bday. sweet. haha!

Nimmy said...

marami pang iba dyan Mac! ;)

Mr. G said...

I feel for you...be strong, bro! do not be looking for love for love will find its way to you...:-D Smile and relish the thought you once fell in love...

marvin said...

be easy on urself, mac...remember, u r not single, u r not taken. u r reserved for the right one. :))

Mac Callister said...

@papa jay--hehehe o cge na nga!0pagbigyan!

@rising mark--hahaha!!!for us pala ha!humanda ka pag uwi ko baka umatras ka ha!

teka ano ba email mo at ng mag chat tau umpisahan na natin ang love story natin~!LOL

@nimmy--oo at sana dumating na sila letse!LOL

@mr.g--naku di totoo yan LOL,pag di ka kumilos lalo walang mangyayari sau chos! thanks sa comments ;-)

@marvin--tumpak! thanks sa pagdaan :-)